Why We Aren't Invited To The Neighborhood Parties

"Uh Mom. These brownies are not good,"  my son Tristan said hesitantly."I know! I don't know what happened," I replied. "I never make bad brownies.""How bad can it be,"  my daughter Tessa asks as she takes a big bite and promptly spits it out. "It's awful!"...more

My Parenting View Has Changed


Dressing Ariel. An Almost Impossible Task

Polly Pockets. This is what we have dubbed every tiny, plastic, doll-like toy in our house. Although, after doing my research on the ever-accurate Wikipedia, Polly Pockets are actually a brand name, and several Polly Pocket knock-offs have spawned as a result. And, most of them (especially the Disney version) currently reside in my house....more

Parenting and "What Kids Need" Books

Slacker Mom, Spanking Trick or Treaters and Halloween Shenanigans

We had a great Halloween.  Our older kids are in the "prime time" for Halloween fun.  At seven and four, they are at the perfect ages for dressing up and being so excited for Trick or Treating.  We hosted a few families at our house for pizza and scouring the neighborhood for candy.  The dads took the big kids in search for loot and the moms convened in our driveway, drinking peppermint mochas and handing out candy to hundreds of trick or treaters.  It was awesome....more

Vacationing in the ER

It may be invasive and uncomfortable, but it’s still the highlight of our trip.Who knew colonoscopies could be so relaxing?Of course, it helps that my sister, Rachael, and I aren’t the ones being violated. Instead, we’re waiting in recovery as our stepfather, Marty—high as a kite and eerily tolerable—comes down from the meds after letting his doctor get to fourth base.We’re back in Ohio for the first time since our mother’s death, and with six young kids between us, this afternoon in outpatient surgery is the only real break we’ve had in a decade....more

Why I Like Being a Soccer Mom

I know there is plenty to complain about when it comes to being a soccer mom. Schlepping the kid to all the practices and games and sitting on the field, quite possibly freezing your booty off, sometimes feigning interest in what's going on, other obnoxious parents..... I have two friends who have been soccer moms more years than I have. This is only my son's first year playing the sport. I've heard all the crap associated with the title "Soccer Mom"...more

Gun Control: A Battle with a Four-Year-Old

Within 5 minutes of having a toy gun in our house, we have an injury....more

Life & Style With Kids

I’ve been in a writing stupor lately. I sit down to do it, and spend my time on the computer “researching” other things like how to grout a perfect straight line, or how to make Lorax trees from pom poms and pool noodles. Important stuff, you see....more

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