5 Things Your Babysitter Wants You to Know

Aside from child care during the day for working parents, the next most stressful decision when it comes to the care of your child(ren) is the choice of a babysitter. ...more
Finally the voice of the serving silent is heard!more

Fashion Looks For Littles

About a week ago, I shared my personal fashion & beauty wish lists for spring and promised one for the kiddos in our life. I still can't entirely wrap my head around dressing Mallory in anything but functional play clothes (read : Do toddlers really wear white skinny jeans, sun dresses, maxi skirts, etc??) I think I've managed to find plenty of equally cute, practical pieces for toddler girls.   ...more

Whose To Say One and Done is Wrong?

 It started around six months after Chickie was born. I was frequently asked, “So – when are you guys going to have another?” Truth be told, I was still struggling with becoming a new mother, returning to work full-time, coping with the sleepless nights but most of all, my body was still recove...more

An Apology Letter to My Kids (To Read in Therapy Someday)

Apology Letter To My Children (to be opened in twenty years when you are in therapy) To My Dear Love Bugs, ...more
Thank you!  The funny thing is, by the time my kids are adults this letter will probably need to ...more

10 Things I Love About My Son

My new blog series, 10 Things I Love began yesterday with a tribute to my daughter (because she hacked the page I had begun to write for my older son.  Anyway, today is dedicated to my son.  He was the first to truly hold my heart with a love I thought no one else could have possibly ever felt before.  He changed my life and I wouldn't trade a single moment for anything in this world!  Here's to you, RayRay!1. He's been my right hand man since he born, always with me wherever I go even now....more

3 Steps To Build Your Child's Creative Writing Skills

One of the main things teachers focus on these days is writing, since it’s critical to success whatever the subject.  There are a few things you can do at home to help your child become a more effective writer. ...more

Curly Hair Care Tips For Kids

Curly Hair Care Tips For KidsBY HOLLY · MARCH 4, 2015 This post contains affiliate links....more

Life is Crazy

So since the last time I have "blogged" my new car broke down three day after I bought it.  The tranny needed to be replaced.  The dealership took care of it and gave me a car off their lot that accommodated our family size.  Big thank you to Keifer Mazda. The next day I go on with my day get every off to school on time and head to the gym to get some me time.  After my wonderful Zumba class I get a text from my bank saying that someone has charged my bank card $200 to KFC and $256 to Dutch Bros....more

Cooking with Kids

15 Signs That You Have A Toddler On Your Hands

15 Signs that you are a Mom of a toddler:...more