Broccoli and carrot stir fry

Crisp and crunchy broccoli and carrots stir fried with sesame seeds.Brocooli is considered as the most nutritious vegetable,it is loaded with super nutrients that support our over all health and also have therapeutic properties.It is a nutritional power house but still not very popular in India like our desi cauliflower.It is very easy to cook broccoli you can steam, saute, blanch or stir fry it with out adding to many spices and fat....more

No offense Norway | VEDA Day Five

The prompt for today was to talk about your family & kids. Pip decided to make an appearance at the end. ...more

Don't Let This Happen to You: A Son's Ultimate Betrayal

Today I’d like to tell you a little story. It’s a sad story, really. A tragedy in the Greek tradition you might say. A story about hope and love and dedication and generosity that ends in heartbreak and misery. A story about a happy life that was all smashed to pieces by one double-crossing, backstabbing, heartless, little 10-year-old boy. One day this little boy was given a school assignment. An English assignment to write about the “characters” in his own life. He was furnished with a set of questions to help prompt his thoughts on these real-life characters....more
So, my kid is only 18 months, lucky for him (and my husband and I), he cannot speak or read ...more

Winter Bliss

People in the city often think small town, rural living is "boring".  ...more


Kids love to learn about how maple syrup is made!...more

Private School Recruitment vs Reality

We had the pleasure of hosting a chat with the filmmakers Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson onChatty Guest about their documentary American Promise and book Promises Kept.The filmmakers gave us a glimpse into their life as an African-American family that navigated through the elite private school experience.  The chat on Chatty Guest allowed parents of color the space to express their views on the film and their experience as parents of children going through a similar experience....more

Snow Days Are For Suckers

You know how when you're writing a blog post and you get up to get a drink of water, and when you open the fridge to get the pitcher, you see the glass shelf is all smudged and smeared with food residue?...more
No cause I don't have kids so my snow days are like vacation daysmore

Building a Village, One Block at a Time

My childhood was extremely lonely. We somehow always lived far away from my school friends, and there usually weren't kids my age living nearby. I didn't really start to develop real friendships until I was in high school and able to drive myself around. I'd say I've gotten much better at making friends once I had kids. I joined a mommy group when Zach was only six-weeks-old because I was quickly aware that I could not do this alone....more

Bratty, Indulged Kids: Does Wealth Excuse Bad Behavior?

The setting: A 5-star ski resort, for a family trip to enjoy some time together eating, relaxing, and skiing. The players: My husband and I, both in our 50′s. Our three kids, ages 25, 22, and 18. We are fortunate to be a well-traveled group. Act I: Our Story Begins 6:50 AM: Running, yelling, fighting. Doors banging. Doors opening, banging shut again. More running. More yelling. Knocking. Running. Screaming. ...more
This isn't a new problem but it doesn't make it any more palatable. I missed my son's graduation ...more