The Ugly Truth Behind Holiday Birthdays

We've all heard of the poor kids born on Christmas who've never gotten birthday gifts, but had to make do with socks and whatever else their parents could spare from the Christmas pile. I've always felt so sorry for those kids. They didn't get big parties and lots of birthday presents, instead they got to share their birthdays with the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus! ...more
Though my birthday isn't ON a holiday, it's two days after Halloween. This wasn't a problem (and ...more

230 million combinations to make your child the hero

My nephew is a pretty "normal"-looking German kid: blonde hair, blue eyes, able-bodied and energetic. But when I bought him one of those personalized books last year as a gift, he had ZERO interest in the book because he couldn't relate to the character that had been named after him. I couldn't find a solution for this anywhere. So I made one. ...more

Hold her. Be Present. Keep on Enjoying the Now.

"Mommy, hold me!" He said as they walked out of the airport bathroom. She groaned and said, "really!?" as she pulled up the happy, heavy three-year-old and walked away with him on her left hip. Though it appeared she conceded and lifted him up with hesitation, part of her deep down actually wanted to hold him. Part of her still wants to be able to have him close. Part of her that she isn't aware of is realizing that he will ask to be held less and less. And it's true. He will stop asking....more

The Joys of Being a Mom

 As a mom of 3, I have learned a lot about raising kids and about myself. I don't know everything nor do I pretend too. I just try to raise them as best as I can, while encouraging them to grow and learn and express themselves....more

How Big Is a Kid-Sized Food Portion?

Portion sizes for kids are out of control. That's the thought I had last week when over dinner at a restaurant, my friend's 4-year-old was served mac and cheese in a pasta bowl large enough for the Jolly Green Giant. ...more
Rita Arens And I bet she may even teach her friends a thing or two.more

Easy Breezy Art Project for the Un-Crafty

Before I became a parent, I imagined myself being the ultimate collector of every single art supply item known to man....more

That's how we roll!

 Did you know that October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month? Well, it's just around the corner! If you search through the sea of pink ribbons you may see a yellow one, or two, or probably a lot more than that. You know why? Spina Bifida is the number one permanently disabling birth defect in the United States.According to the Spina Bifida Association:...more

Dating someone with kids and I don't have any.

I need help/advice. I am currently dating a man, 10 years older than me, divorced, with 2 kids(6 & 9) from his previous marriage. We have been together 1 and a half years. Call me cheesy, but he's my soulmate. I love him and I love his kids. At the beginning when I first met them, they loved me, they loved having me around and I really created a bond with them. He has them 50% of the time. I'm not sure when it happened, but recently, they've showed less interest in me, and me in them....more
MissCH10 We dealt with the mental/alcoholic issues also for a longtime.  You just have to rise ...more

Parenting in a Foreign Land

I was born in India and spent the first twenty six years of my life there....more

My Mom Tells Me I'm Not a Good Enough Mother

Its been a while since I have written anything about my Mom. It's not that I don't think about her anymore, in fact it is quite the opposite. She is on my mind every day. Her memories still dominate my life. Her absence, still a pain. Yes, nothing has changed. ...more
DanielReyesCacho Thank you for reading. I am glad you liked my piece.more