Day Trip - The Bay Area Discovery Museum

Recently, we went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. They have a free admission day on the first Wednesday of every month, which we've known for ages (or for about a year, but whatever), but have never taken advantage of for one silly reason or another. But yesterday we were determined, and I'm so glad we went! ...more

Private vs. Public School: How to Choose

 Is private school right for your child?Do you feel strongly that a faith-based education is important for your child? Do you prefer smaller class sizes?  How does your neighborhood school compare to whatever private options are available?Finding a school that is right for your child takes a lot of research. It is, arguably, one of the most important decisions you will ever make. To make a savvy choice, you have to educate yourself. That means researching, networking, and making sure that you understand all the choices available to you and your child....more

Best Summer Activities for Kids under 5 years old

If you are trying to find something to do for the entire summer vacation, you need to be imaginative and creative to keep your kids engaged and entertained. Kids mostly feel bored sitting idle at home when there is not a plan in place. They might even want to create their own diversion, which might in turn wreak havoc. ...more

Dandelions Rock! Dandelion Flower Cookies, Fairy Crowns, Crafts, Coloring Pages and Good Health!

 Ooh, I want to be a tiny creature rolling around in the sunny yellow softness of Taraxacum Officinale!...more

How to Entertain Little Boys on Rainy Days

There’s a very high and very probable chance you’ll encounter a little boy in your life span.It’s highly probable you’ll be asked to babysit a little boy. ...more

Social Clubs & "We Day" in Vancouver

We Day is an amazing event for young people.   It's all about helping others around the world.  Check it out and please Facebook LIKE it as every LIKE raises $1 for their cause.They get amazing speakers and entertainers. loads of kids are coming in from around BC tonite and sleeping in school gyms all over Vancouver so they can attend the event tomorrow....more

The Firecracker Pinwheel Project

July 4th is fast approaching!The kids and I have been creating all kinds of fun decorations and activities for our party-goers ... like these pinwheels. They'd be great for any occasion, not just Indpendence Day. Best of all, they're easy to make and cute as can be! ...more

Blue Island Girl


How to Make a Gingerbread House - It's That Easy!

Last weekend we made some really awesome gingerbread cookies. We had about half of the cookie dough left over, so I decided to attempt to make our first gingerbread house from scratch....more

Walt Disney World, Orlando – Deciding on the Itinerary (Disney Series Part 3 of 6)

This is the third article in my series on vacations to Walt Disney World, Orlando. In the first article, entitled, “Planning Your Trip” I discussed the trip budget, when and how long to visit Walt Disney World (WDW), and what you might want to do there....more

Summer's Half Over: Are Your Kids Brilliant Yet?

I work outside the home four days a week and freelance from home on Fridays. I send my daughter to daycare all of those days, so summer "vacation" is really just "normal life but with more heat" for the Arens family.  We don't sleep in, we eat dinner at the same time, we don't stay up too late and we don't have empty hours stretching ahead of us like so many clean cookie sheets. ...more

I love spending time with the kids, and HATE back to school.

I have always worked from ...more