The Naked Egg: Kid's Science Experiments Gone Awry

It is with the best of intentions that I start our summer vacation all gung-ho with a brain full of inspiring activities for the kids. We are going to bring fun-ducation to our house this summer dammit, they will not lose all of the skills they worked hard to learn over the course of the year.  We’ll read exciting books and write in our journals and do awe inspiring science experiments. Hooray! I’m the best mom ever....more
Avery Lane You know what though, that is such a good idea. My daughter had a fairy garden a ...more

10 Date Night Ideas with Your Kids

We all know we love our date nights, right? The chance to get away from the kids and reconnect with our spouses over some cocktails is a great idea. What do you do when you feel disconnected from your kids? That's when it's time to go on a date night. Here are some ideas to get you started having fun and spending time with your favorite people, your kids. 1. A Traditional Date ...more

Magic Snow, or how to make a giant mess

I really truly cannot figure out how all these pristine mommy-bloggers do it! They craft gorgeous educational activities, photograph them every step of the way, engage their kids in them (neatly, of course!), put up stunning pictures and still seem to have time to do things like cook dinner afterwards! It's amazing. ...more

Flowers theme - activities to do with your children

As toddler girl is going through an 'I love flowers' stage, I thought I would incorporate a flowers theme into her learning. We have been busy having lots of fun with some of these ideas, and I hope you get to have some fun with them too. Feel free to add any ideas you may have relating to the theme flowers in the comments at the bottom of the page....more

Camp Awesome--Summer On the Cheap Side

I'm fairly new at the SAHM gig, and I'm an ex-teacher. I also have some control issues, so the idea of spending my summer without a concrete plan sounds more like torture than a vacation. With that in mind, I make a calendar, complete with themes and activities and, yes, field trips, so that I can keep my sanity and still enjoy the time with my children. In life I use my last name, but for the purposes of anonymity, I'll call it Camp Awesome. In years past, we had two paychecks coming in, and while mine was no whopper, it paid the bills....more

Tips, Tricks & Resources for Family Travel

Whether your planning a day trip, vacation or just a quick family outing -- check out these great tips, resources and ideas to make family travel a fun and educational experience. ...more

Don't Let Frankenstorm Ruin Halloween: 5 Alternatives to Trick-or-Treat

Well here we are. It's Trick-or-Treat soon and it's disgusting out. Here in Ohio, it's raining and freezing cold and muddy and gross. I've got two kiddies under three, so the best part of trick-or-treat was always going to be running outside and swinging a pumpkin bucket. And you know what? Some kids are just skeeved out by talking to strangers or putting on a costume (I'm talking to you, Mr. Pants). So even though Trick-or-Treat is pretty much the most amazing night of many school age kids' lives, some littles can take it or leave it. If you are discouraged about the Frankenstorm ruining all your fun or you have a kiddo that would rather be duct taped to the floor than go up to other people's houses (both!), let me give you a few ideas!...more
IDK but I vote for a rescheduled date.more

10 Busy Bags I Want to Make

Making your own busy bags can save SOOO much money and frustration! If you have a toddler or preschooler who you have to take with you to the doctor’s, ballet class, or homeschool group and they need to be kept occupied, then busy bags are the answer!...more

Kathryn Kessler Author Highlight

 The Neophyte Writer & Kristi's Book Nook Presents Canadian Author Kathryn Kessler And Her Adventures With Marvin....more

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