Children's Apps With A Human Touch

This year’s Dust or Magic conference on children’s interactive media did not disappoint. Fascinating speakers aside, one of my favorite experiences was sitting with developers to preview their creations. Lingering on my mind are three apps which share a common theme: they all include elements of hand-drawn illustrations....more

Wickedpedia- How our kids learn to be hackers

What did you do this weekend?Did you realize that your world exists in a hive mentality? Did you shake off your new found disillusions to revel in the glee of your own power? Did you get appointed mayor of a major (ish) city?Well we did....more

20 Halloween Apps to Delight Young Learners

This post started as a core selection of kids’ educational apps for an article on I wrote the post to let parents know that even apps get dressed up for Halloween, making learning more festive as the holidays approach....more

Our Kids & The Lost Arts

I am a proponent of technology.  In many ways, the continuing advancement of technology makes our lives easier, compact, and self-sufficient.  At the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger on a smart phone, we can basically run and execute our lives from anywhere at anytime.  Modern technology has advanced the health care industry, the automotive industry and even the food industry to the point of making our lives, for the most part, better.  <...more

A Letter to My Son's Punk "Friends" (You Might Need A Little Perspective On What Poverty Is)

 Dear So-Called "Friends" of My Younger Son, I am disgusted with you.  I mean really, REALLY disgusted.  (You can ask my family about the tirade they had to endure when I discovered the little piece of information that I'm getting ready to share with you.  It wasn't pretty.)  ...more

Too Much, Too Soon

Statements I never hoped or wanted to hear today from my almost 4 and 6-year-old daughters:"I need to take Belle's profile picture."  (Melanie, 6)"Mommy, is that your BedeeMania blog?  (Melanie)"I whip my hair back and forth...." (Belle, 4- in song)"I need to text the Ice Princess." (Melanie)Shameful.Three of the four are due to the Disney Channel.  Which in turn is still my fault for letting them watch  it. I'm both sad and very, very scared....more

Cell Phones in Schools. Are They Inevitable?

Cell Phones in Schools - Are They Inevitable?...more