FROZEN- A Birthday Celebration

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Peter Pan Birthday Party

                      Ever thought about doing a Peter Pan Birthday for your child?Yes, I know you're probably thinking a Neverland theme, but I'm talking about something totally different. I'm talking about a party that includes giving to others... I'm pretty sure the term was coined because giving isn't just for grown-ups. J There is something really magical about teaching kids to give to others at a young age....more

And the award for loser of the year goes to...

Yup. C'est moi. So, today was an action-packed day. It started with a family trip to Conrad's to drop my car off for a tune-up. It was early. I was bra-less, still in my PJs and Kaila wasn't wearing shoes. There was no time for shoes. Did I mention it was early? Plus, I'm not feeling well. I prayed no one would see me. I wore really huge sunglasses. We returned home from Conrads, but somehow, I still had less than one hour to get some work done and then get Kaila to a friend's birthday party. ...more