Boy Clothes are the Worst, But there's Hope!

When I was pregnant with Honeybun, I amassed quite of collection of gender neutral baby clothes since we choose not to find out our baby's genders before they are born.  But a few weeks before her arrival, I decided to go buy one special boy outfit and one special girl outfit for the baby to have when s/he met his/her family those first few days.  I hadn't done much clothes shopping myself before that (I had very generous friends and family) and I remember walking through the store, browsing the baby section and thinking "It has to be a girl, it has to!...more

Why I Gave Into Character Clothing

It all started with potty training. Of course I bought Manny some Cars and Thomas undies, and he was thrilled. At that point, he was at the age where he was really starting to "have a voice," to put it delicately. And by "have a voice," I mean it was impossible to get him dressed without a wrestling match if it wasn't what he wanted to wear. So the characters began with the undies and some pajamas, and then a new character shirt here or there. And suddenly, it seems the character shirts have taken over his closet. If given the choice, it's what he'll always choose to wear. And most days? I let him....more
Parenting is a series of concessions. I do a LOT of things I said I'd never do. And guess what? ...more

Enough with the Skinny Jeans Already!

I will be the first one to admit that I am not built like a super model. Sometimes I work at it, sometimes I don't, but even when I do, I will never ever ever get down to a body that will look good in skinny jeans. And neither will my daughter, who let's face it, has my genes and my parents' genes, and their parents' genes and so forth, all of which amount to no possibility of fitting the skinny jeans trend....more
I hope soon! I was hoping that this would be the season that it would end! But it just keeps ...more

Thrift Store Shopaholic

I have a confession. I rarely set foot in real stores yet  my closets and drawers are overflowing.  I was forced to buy two packs of  hangers last week and  cleared out the guest room closet to handle the overflow.  My Kiddo has a wardrobe stocked with the next two sizes up just waiting for him to grow into.   And I would rather slit my wrists than pay retail. I  am a thrift store shopaholic....more

You know...I like the thrift store better than Ross. The Ross in my neighborhood is close to ...more

Shopping the Kids Section - For You: Tips for Unique Fashion Steals

My favorite sweater in current wardrobe rotation is a cozy gray cotton and cashmere blend. It's fitted and belted with wide sleeves. It's soft, it's by Stella McCartney -- and according to the tag, it was made for a 12-year old girl. It also cost under $25. ...more
bushboywhotweet haha target kids section is my go tomore

The Campaign to End Dumpy: Stop Wearing Ugly Clothes. And Putting Them on Your Kids.

Yeah, I know, Thanksgiving is over.  And boy, we all ate too much.  I'm not going to pick on you and your winter weight, loves. I get it myself.  That five pounds starts now and tips the scales at its high end around early February, my birthday, when I look in horror at my dunlap (as in my gut dunlapped over my belt) and think oh, God, it's celery time again. ...more

I've been wearing 50's and now 60's clothes for the past 100 plus days (my performance project) ...more