How to Survive the Terrible Twos: Mombie

Sometimes I’m a mom and other times I’m a mombie. Though I have some experience in drowning out incessant noise (a skilled learned from growing up with four sisters), the mombie performance is a new and critical survival tactic for me as Dylan ventures through terrible twodom. Activating mombie mode is easy....more

How to Piss Off Your Toddler (Trust Me, I'm an Expert.)

It’s so fun to unexpectedly discover something you’re really good at; like the moment you realize you bake a mean coconut macaroon. ...more

Am I Raising the Next Tina Fey

The single biggest problem in my household today is parenting my children with a straight face. Why bother? You may ask, why not laugh and smile and dance a merry jig? To those people I present Exhibit A: My elder daughter. She’s two going on FUCKYOU!!...more