Turning Points

There comes a time in every mom’s life when they have to admit defeat, throw in the towel, wave the white flag of surrender, and face the hard truth that they just aren’t the center of the universe for their children anymore....more

Should We "Dread" Our Children's Growing Up?

The other day, I wrote a post delving into my feelings about having only boys. It was very popular and got a very positive response, but talking about it with some friends got me thinking a bit more....more

Marching Away From Me

Younger Son's band marched in our town's holiday parade last weekend. In fact, they were the "closers", followed only by a hook & ladder fire truck with Santa perched on top. Being a loyal groupie, of course I wanted to attend the parade, but we had just returned home from a long Thanksgiving road trip, so I didn't want to sit through the whole thing. I planned to arrive just in time to catch the band. Well, my timing was off and I nearly missed them! I could hear the cadence of the drums as a I parked a few blocks away. I broke into a run toward the parade route....more

A Sleighfull of Fuzzy Polaroids and Magic Moments

Cathy Cantu - The Frazzled Mom5minutesforthefrazzledmom.blogspot.com        At Christmas my nostalgia rises like the aroma of snickerdoodles wafting through the kitchen.  Of course that would be the “slice-n-bake” kind rather than homemade because, instead of Martha Stewart, I’m more like Peg Bundy minus the stilettos....more

Halloween From the Eyes of a Parent

Cathy Cantu - The Frazzled Mom5minutesforthefrazzledmom.blogspot.com Halloween From the Eyes of a Parent        When my children were in pre-school, Halloween was a much-anticipated, momentous occasion. It was a night in which the young were free to imagine, to giggle and scream, and to be who they truly were, deep in their five-year-old hearts. ...more

My Son's Changing Voice

My baby boy's voice is about to change.  Actually, he's not a baby anymore.  He's 14 years old, and he's at least 2 or 3 inches taller than me now.  He wears size 9 shoes -- not...more

Thoughts on Motherhood

I am the proud mommy of two tiny troublemakers, Charlie (3 1/2) and Tilly (2), and like all mommies out there I try to do the very best I can for them. In my short time as a mommy, I have discovered a few things about parenthood. First and foremost, I learned that nothing can ever fully prepare you for raising kids. You can take a million classes and read a million books, but no one can teach you everything it takes to be a great mommy.  Some things can only be learned on the job. ...more


Lately my son has been saying the most profound things to me. I want to write them down but he says them in the car or right before bed and I forget....more

Separation Anxiety

I sent my oldest daughter off to college six weeks ago.  As with most moms, this has been a very bittersweet time for me.  Joy, pride, and an unbelievable sense of overwhelming gratitude have battled with sadness, angst and fear....more

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