Best Hairstyles for Her Face Shape

A little known fact is that the shape of your face is one of the best ways to pick a hairstyle. This same philosophy applies to kids—although I’m sure your daughter will look adorable regardless! To make sure she’s sporting the most flattering haircut possible, you must first identify her face shape....more

How To Make Your Child’s Hair Grow Faster

Believe it or not, this is a question that I get asked all the time! There’s no magical trick to making hair grow, because mostly it’s a matter of genetics. There are, however, some things you can do to help the natural process along and you may actually see your child’s hair grow faster....more
 @jacklynnfry We get the same thing with my daughter (18 months) her hair is barely past her ...more

The Top Kids’ Hair Trends of 2011

Child celebrities have always influenced hairstyle trends for kids. Add that to the fact that because of the hundreds of blogs that cover “Celebri-Kids’” comings and goings, hovering paparazzi make sure that the public gets a glimpse every time an adult star hits the street with kids in tow. So now, not just child stars, but the children of celebrities are setting the trends for kids’ hairstyles.2011 was the biggest year so far for hairstyle trends started by Celebri-Kids. Let’s take a look:Coolest Girls’ Hair Trend: Feathers...more

4 Great Hairstyles for Boys Hair

As a mother of two boys myself, I know sometimes styling boys hair is simply getting them to brush it! For boys who have little concern with hairstyles, or whose busy schedules make time spent on hair obsolete, it is important to choose a haircut that requires little maintenance. Here are the top trends in boys’ hairstyles:1. The Basic Buzz...more