"I Haven't Seen It" Review of Frozen

Yep, it's true.  I am one of the 7 people who hasn't seen Frozen yet.  I mean honestly, if you are parents and families out there, I would imagine you only go to the movies a few times a year?  Well, we are selective about what we choose to see in the theaters and what we wait to watch on DVD.  Part of it is cost, part of it is waiting for something worthwhile to see on the big screen.   This time around, my husband took my kids to see Frozen when it was in the theater.  I stayed home....more

It Was a Great Idea (Until I Bawled My Eyes Out)

The Kid had the great idea of having "dinner and a movie" date, just the two of us, at home this weekend. Earlier in the week I had picked out Toy Story 3 from the library children's section—a great resource for free (with a library card) family-friendly DVDs. The Kid had already seen it, but I hadn't, so it was GAME ON. From what I had heard, it was a total sobfest for adults. I figured it couldn't be much worse than the opening scene of Up, and heck, even as a teenaged girl I didn't bat an eye during Titanic. I WAS WRONG. ...more
This is so timely. I was with Princess (my 11 year old) and saw a mom with a toddler in a ...more

Blood, Guts and Rock & Roll: We're Up in Arms About Bratz, But We Ignore Killstreaks in Black Ops

We get so bent out of shape about kids seeing sex acts or sexy Katy Perry on Sesame Street. I don't want my daughter watching Miley Cyrus writhe in satin sheets, either, but Katy Perry's cleavage doesn't freak me out half as much as watching the neighborhood kids bludgeon each other on Halloween. Seriously, why are we so tolerant of violence? Opponents say there aren't any studies proving definitively that watching violent video games harms your child (the American Psychological Association, who in my opinion doesn't have skin in the game, begs to differ) -- but, um, do there really have to be? Doesn't your gut work just fine? How do you feel after you watch someone get shot on the nightly news? After watching the opening sequence of Bambi? ...more

I'm sorry but I think that is the stupidest knock on Bratz I've ever ...more

Hello to the Blogher Community

Hello everyone! I've commented on some political blogs but so far, haven't done anything on my own topic, which is about finding cool, unusual, smart movies for kids (DVD ideas, basically). I guess the impetus was looking around one day for ideas for non-current/commercial films online, for family viewing, and seeing there wasn't really anyone doing it.  I'm a film and media freak, formerly of San Francisco, and now living in Maine, so it was an enjoyable task for me to take on. ...more