Android Apps for All Ages!

  We know what a chore it can be to find fun games for your kids, so this week's KIDO'Z review is detailing some of our newly moderated apps that we have discovered and love! And as an added bonus, each game has an educational element included!...more

Bloggers! Ask Rep. Markey About Kids and Online Privacy

Do you worry about your kids' privacy online? Do you even know what information marketers are gathering about your child and his or her online habits? Representative Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) -- who authored the Children’s Online Privacy Protect Act of 1998 (COPPA) for the House -- is holding a conference call for bloggers with Jim Steyer from Common Sense Media at 1:30PM EST/12:30 PM CT/10:30 AM PT on Thursday, February 2nd (that's this week!) to discuss a new bipartisan bill he's co-sponsoring, H.R. 1895, Do Not Track Kids Online -- and he wants our questions, BlogHers! ...more
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Research Says Texting, Posting and Tweeting May Make Kids Nicer

Our kids spend more time online texting, posting and tweeting than we will ever know. And I admit this worries me, but I may be over-reacting. Recent studies suggest time interacting online may help kids be more empathetic in real life and even strengthen bonds between friends. And studies suggest that shy kids may learn to be more outgoing and less anxious by spending time connecting with friends online....more
Additional issues: Academic Integrity (tests being photographed and distributed) and the average ...more