To The Guy Trying to Eat His Pizza

As I eat pizza at the pizza parlor with my 2 children, I can sense that my lil guy is getting restless. He’s at level 7, and I need to get the fuck out of there before he becomes level 10. Which in mommy terms; he transforms into Godzilla, stepping on humans, eventually eating them.Two feet from our table, a man on his lunch break tries to eat his pizza. I’m guessing he was not thrilled with my tantrum-filled children, as I’m sure he was hoping for 30 minutes of peace and quiet....more


We bussed five and a half hours from Singapore to KL and four more from Hat Yai to Krabi without trouble. The ride that unhinged us took only an hour. What would you have done differently?I would advise, for a start, not telling the travel agent at Kata Beach exactly what you're looking for, or in other words making it incredibly easy for her to lie for a quick sale....more

Dear DSW Shoe Warehouse...

First of all, thank you to the employees for your kindness and patience as our family shopped for shoes at your store yesterday. Thanks for smiling and winking while three of our four children treated your establishment as if it were a stage from WWE. Not only were you gracious enough to turn a blind eye while they rolled around and wrestled on the floor (in addition to picking many and various boxes of shoes off the shelves)......more