Who Cares About Daddy's Pee Hole?

“You’re going to get cancer of the pee-hole!”, she yelled from the kitchen as the baby flopped around inside the new and expensive looking maroon sling wrapped across her chest Roman warrior style.“What are you talking about?”, I replied from the living room knowing exactly what she was talking about.“Cancer of the pee-hole,” she said matter-of-factly as though she were some lab-coated peeholeologist with pen and catheter in hand....more

Apparently 'Smart Ass' is Hereditary

Conor:  "Mommy, dinner was ew."Me:  "That's not very nice."Conor:  "Why?"Me:  "Well, because Mommy worked hard on dinner and when you said it was 'ew' it made mommy sad."Conor:  "Well, it made CONOR sad that dinner was ew and you made me eat it anyway."Me:  "..."Yep.  That's my boy. ...more

Priceless apology note from my 6yr old, wait it's not priceless it's actually .33 cents worth

One of those Mom moments that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time because it is so precious. I received this note and money from my 6yr old this morning as a peace offering after a big meltdown she had last night. I'll translate: "I am so sorry what I did yesterday" and .33 cents....more

"I was talking to my pretend sisters!" (What are their names) "David Bowie and Isla." ~ @sassypiehole, 2012

My daughter once told me that she had 100 invisible friends. They all had names similar to everyone she's ever met, and many of them had the same name. For example, I think there were about 36 Ava's–ironically, Ava is her best friend. She said that they went with her everywhere and if she did something naughty, she'd always throw one of them under the bus and say that her invisible friend TOLD her to do it. Who was I to argue... At least she wasn't alone!...more

My Three-year-old Says the Darnedest Things

I use my Facebook timeline to record funny things my kids say and do. It’s partly to make up for the fact that I never finished a baby book for either of them. Every few months, I like to go through my updates and revisit their antics....more
Pecked2DeathByChcknsThank you for your comment.  Wow, things must be interesting at your house ...more