Loving Prenatal Yoga

Inspired by my friend Justine's recent post about yoga over at the Lone Home Ranger, I'm finally writing this post. It's been in my head for a while but blogging has been on the back burner for the last few weeks! I've done a lot of non-pregnant yoga in my life. I did Bikram yoga for years and also some vinyasa flow and some basic hatha yoga. Yoga always makes me feel better. No matter how reluctant I was to get up and get moving, I'm always glad I did. ...more

Skeleton's Ball GIVEAWAY!

Through song, stories and other activities Storytime Yoga's latest Story of the Month kit, called The Skeleton's Ball, gets your bones moving!...more
Contest still open!more

Top 5 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Yoga

1.    Do Yoga with Your Child.  Kids love to be active and play with an adult, especially when it involves playing on the ground and twisting bodies up.  There are multiple ‘partner poses’ in yoga that create a great jumping off point for doing this practice together. ...more
My sister's daughter used to cry hearing the name of Yoga before. A friend of her told her ...more

Letter From A Bully

I wrote this piece in response to the endless and heartbreaking loop of bullying and suicide in the news.please read and shareLetter From A Bully...more