How to Stick to a Schedule, when you're a BUSY Mom!!!

 Lately, I've gotten several emails about putting your babies on a schedule like Brayden is. I thought it might be best if I answered you in a post in case anyone else was interested. I'm by no means an expert - this is just what worked for us and for Brayden. All babies are different and what works for B is just what works for B.I'm a stay at home mom....more

Training our children's palates with healthy foods

When I first introduced my children to food when they were infants, there was a lot that they truly enjoyed, and none of it had any sugar or salt added. It was all they knew, and they were thrilled. I even made the food myself, and still did not add any seasonings to improve upon the flavor....more

You Want to Google What?

My seven-year old son came home the other day and pulled a notepad out of his backpack. “This is a list of words we can search, if we have the kind of computer that can connect to the Internet,” he explained. Of course, he already knows our computer can go online. Duh… As a blogger, I’m constantly online. Besides updating my own site,, I follow dozens of other blogs, along with checking Facebook regularly (okay, hourly!). By the time I’ve finished my first cup of coffee each morning, I’ve probably checked three different email accounts, sifting through the assortment of spam — Free shipping! Friends and Family Sale! Enter Our Sweepstakes! Impress Your Lady With Your Size! — e-list digests, and a few actual personal messages.    But my initial reaction to my son’s request to do research online is, Hey, wait a minute there! Why didn’t the teacher say something about this earlier? Is this age- appropriate? After all, these kids are only in second grade. ...more

Jedi Nanny: How to Talk to Toddlers.

Sittercity Blog has a good column this week on how to talk to kids like a babysitter.  It’s really great for the “layperson,” but if you are an actual babysitter and you want to talk to a kid, you’re probably going to want to do one better. I’ve been complimented over and over again about my manner with children and how I can connect with children on the very first interaction....more

Should My Kids Watch Avatar? A Mom’s Review of FernGully Sequel

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So the close up camera shots of the bad army guy getting impaled with an arrow in an ...more

Jedi Nanny: Working From Home

That is, working when a parent is working from home.  I’ve seen this addressed on a few mommy blogs lately and wanted to offer some tips from the nanny’s point of view on how to make this work as smoothly as possible. I’m not going to address anything that the parent should or shouldn’t do; my suggestions are for the nanny as that’s the part I’ve played in this scenario. If you’re a parent reading this and you want to add your opinion on what’s worked best for you, I would love to hear from you!...more

these are some great tips for trying to make nannys while working from home, i'm going to have ...more

My Daughter is 'that kid"

Every year the teacher has one. The kid who is the challenge. Talking out-of-turn, loud, bossy, in and out of her seat tattle tale- that's my Savannah. Now there is talk of ADHD and I am just really hesitant to accept that diagnosis. She can pay attention....when she wants to. I have read and read about it and the only part she really fits is the 'impulsive' type. Mostly, I think it's behavior problems she can control if she really wants to, but the impulsive part does seem to be a big problem for her. I have a conflict. They will want to medicate her....more

a friend of mine that visits your blog had mentioned your point of interest ...more

New Years Eve!

      Well, it is New Years Eve, I am still in the process of trying to figure out this blog.  I started two other blogs as well. I really want to get these up and really going.  What is going on in your New Years Day?  Mine is just a whatever day, the husband is watching OU play football and is all upset because they don't look to good.  We have been pretty upset with them all season, but next year will be all new and the season will be great....more

Goodbye 2009

When I was a teenager, I used to keep a diary. Every New Year's I would write "Goodbye, 19XX, hello 19XX..." I don't know why that has stayed with me or seems somehow significant right now.   ...more

My first entry 12-30-09

 Wow, this is year is almost over, I am really looking forward to a new start in the New Year!. Our whole family is ready for that.  I am going on to doing new adventures this next year, I have always wanted to write and have had some things published when I was much, (much) younger.       I know this is not a normal post but it is my first one on here. I am just really trying to get the feel for this blog.  I like the concept of the but now I just need to figure all the ins and outs of it. ...more