Infertility – Knowledge is Power

By Guest Blogger Mindy Berkson, Infertility Expert ...more

Parenting in a Digital World

You've seen the talk shows and heard the playgroup buzz: What the heck are we doing about the influence of social media, cell phones, games and other technology on our little angels? ...more

 ...can get a teen-ager to do anything.


Parenting – Keeping Your Cool and Then Some…

Calling out all mothers!! Although, I have to say, even if you’re not a mom yet nor even thinking about it (wow, you’re smart… just joking!!), this has gotta sound entertaining. ...more

Get the facts. Then get the shot.

What's your take on the H1N1 vaccine? According to the latest issue of The New Yorker, it was a health department worker in my own city whose comments led to a widespread panic about the H1N1 vaccine. Then, "38% of parents oppose new [H1N1} vaccine," my city's paper announced this week. Okay, here's the thing.  Well, here's three things: ...more

We Lied to You, Kids ...more

Protecting Your Children’s Hearing At The Track

I love the sport of drag racing and I love the fact that my son, now 18 months old loves the race cars and the track. I hope someday when he’s older he’ll say with pride that both his mommy and daddy drag race and he gets to go with us. I hope we’ll be viewed as the “cool parents” someday. One thing I hope we won’t be called though, are the parents who don’t love their child enough to protect him from the dangers of the loud noise from the sport. ...more

Things Kids Say Thursday's

"Things Kids Say" is posted each Thursday on my site!  It is too funny to read the kids that come out of the mouths of my little guys.  Mud Pies For Mommy  ...more

Time for Halloween parties at school (maybe)

There's no denying we're truly into October, now (no matter what the 80-degree temps here in Georgia may feel like), and that means that those of us with kids in school are starting to receive Halloween Paperwork. For us, it's requests for help with room parties, as well as "helpful" memos about what will and will not be tolerated at school in terms of Halloween celebration. ...more

At some point, all this political correctness crap has got to swing the other way.  ...more

Off The Fence

Hi Ladies, Anyone home now? I am! It’s Saturday night, and our babysitter wasn’t able to sit. Just put the last child to bed and am gonna watch the Hockey Game on TV. I’m totally wiped....more