A Month of Movies: What's Your Favorite Quirky Movie Family?

From the quirky to the truly toxic to the functional dysfunction in between, the fusion of comedy and tragedy that is the family dramedy ranks as my favorite film genre. Unlike the family drama (think Terms of Endearment), the family dramedy rarely takes home the Oscar. But this year's success of The Kids Are All Right has me making a list of the all-time funniest, most touching families on screen....more

. . . with Robin Williams, L.L. CoolJ, Robin Wright, Joan Cusack, and Dumbledore - I mean, ...more

The Kids Are All Right - Movie Review

We went to see the film The Kids Are All Right on Friday night.  We went because, well – we’re lesbians and this is a film about lesbians, a mainstream film no less – so we  felt compelled to throw some of our money at it....more

The Kids Are All Right: It's a Family Affair

I am proud to say that I was a hard sell for The Kids Are All Right, the family comedy-drama starring Annette Bening and Julianne Moore and opening in limited release on July 9th. A mainstream film featuring a lesbian-headed family?! And the leads are among two of the finest actors working right now? With seven Oscar nominations between 'em? Oh you betcha I’m there. But I’m there with both expectations and hackles raised. ...more

Groundbreaking movie on a number of levels! Can't wait to read your future post re the round ...more