Growing an Herb Garden When You Can't Grow Things

Confession: I have a tendency to kill living things. Things that happen to be green. ...more

While you're out herb growing, add a few varieties of lettuce. They're easy to grow and do well ...more

Detroit Man Kills People for Money

Vincent Smothers, 28, will be going to trial soon for being a hit man in Detroit. He confessed to police: "I don't have a profession", "I kill people for money." Detroit Police caught him in a suburban alley and heard his confession of several killings in Detroit. According to the authorities, it is very rare for someone to be charged with so many death crimes. ...more

Shut up or die: Media gags in South Asia

It's not news when an autocracy denies its citizens a free press. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right enjoyed only by democracies and free societies, right? In the last two weeks, two south Asian neighbors, both democracies, saw that right seriously threatened. ...more

An excellent point, my dear. Thank you for writing the post.more

Beware of Grandma!

Especially if you are an older single man. ...more