Fast Dogs--Part IV

My eyes watered and bulged as I listened to the pretty, young veterinarian give me and my husband the run down on Little Paint's surgery.             "She lost a tooth and a toe, and I can't tell you how many stitches that chest wound took."             I groaned.  Shut my eyes and pressed my palms into my eyebrows.             "Look on the bright side," the vet said.  "Her chest doesn't fall op...more

And if you saw the vet who did it, Denise. You would say "Double Wow!" Cutie patootie with ...more

Fast Dogs--Part III

It was 11:39 a.m....more

How is that possible. Except for the end and stuff. But worse???? Gah!

BlogHer ...more

Fast Dogs--Part II

My son was crying when he came upstairs to tell me the long-legged, beagle-howling, slut puppy, sister hounds had run away.  Again.  I pulled him onto my lap and used my shirt sleeve to wipe the snot from under his nose.            "They'll come back, honey," I said, into his hair.  "They always do."            "I hope so, Mommy.  'Cause I don't want 'em to get hit by a car and have to be scraped off the street with a splatula."    ...more

Hey Denise:

I knew you would. You're the Prairie Dog lady:)