Contouring and Highlighting Like Kim Kardashian

FOR THIS TUTORIAL YOU CAN ALSO SEE THIS ON THE FOLLOWING LINK 1. As always you are going to want to apply a primer and your foundation.2. Then with a cream contour a few shades darker then your skin tone you are going to want to carve out your face. You are going to need to place this around your forehead, jawline, under the lower lip, nose and your cheek bones. You find the hollows of your cheek bones by feeling around or placing a brush from the top of your ear to your lip....more

Selfie = Power!

I finally had a chance, fit into my browsing time, to flip through the Kim Kardashian West’s Selfie book. I have to tell you I was surprised 1st off by the size of it, I was expecting a large book like Madonna’s Sex book, but instead a found a small book about ½ the thickness of a phone book. The 2nd surprise was that of jealousy; I was jealous....more

Kim, Kanye And Vogue: Betrayal Or Brilliant?

I'm not the person to ask about the history of Vogue, or its editorial mission.  What I do know I mostly got from watching the "Devil Wears Prada."  I do read it from time to time, although reading it isn't really a fair description either; it's more like I turn the glossy pages oooing at clothes I'll never get to wear because they are astronomically expensive and appropriate for absolutely no event in my life....more

WEIGHT A Minute! Rob Kardashian Praised For Weight Loss-Why Doesn't Kim K Get The Same Treatment?

Rob Kardashian is looking good…again!Kim K’s little brother has dropped a TON of weight and judging by before & after photos featured on over the weekend, Rob is looking happy and healthy. ...more