A Letter To My Heart

Dear Heart, Simmer down, now.  I know you still feel like you're 22, but look at the body you are in.  You're the heart of a 37-year-old married mother of two who wears yoga pants and sweat jackets as her professional attire.  She listens to The Wiggles in the Mom Car.  She wipes ass for a living.  She has gray hair, smile lines, and a lot more flab in the wrong parts than she used to. You're a good, strong heart, beating healthily in my body.  But lately you are sending the wrong vibe.  Since I started getting emails from my ex-boyfriend of 15 years ago, you are quickening your pace and affecting your neighbors the Lungs, the Sweat Glands, and the entire nervous system. ...more

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 hard to say goodbye to ...more