Kindergarten Readiness

Beginning Kindergarten is a huge rite of passage that looms large for most children and their parents. Children are excited to join the world of older students who attend elementary school and parents are often understandably emotional about their child’s transition to formalized schooling, and perhaps a bit nervous about their child’s readiness for what will be required of them in the classroom. As spring arrives, parents may wonder how to best prepare their young children for entering Kindergarten in the fall....more

Dear Kindergarten Teacher

I am sorry to report that my son will be absent on the first day of school this year.You may not realize it, but his name is glaringly absent from your current roster.I walked by your classroom door just the other day and took note that his name wasn't carefully written inside a bright red apple taped around your window.He will never sit at a desk or hang his backpack on a hook.On that first day of school, which is coming upon me so quickly, I won't be walking him to the bus stop and crying tears as he drives away....more

My "Baby" Starts Kindergarten Tomorrow - Now What?

My youngest starts Kindergarten tomorrow. I should be doing an Ellen dance (ok fine, more like an Elaine-dance for me) and popping open the bubbly.  To my preschool parent compadres, let me be clear that by “bubbly” I mean champagne; there will be no more bottles of bubbles opened and spewed and spilled in this house ever again, so help me God....more

Touchable Tuesday- Our Home-made Reading a Writing Kit

It was perfect timing for me to come across your post. I look forward to checking out some of ...more

Kindergarten Readiness - Is your child ready for "Big Kid School"?

School is 4 weeks away for most of our little ones. To the seasoned veterans this can’t come soon enough, but for those of us with a little ones just starting kindergarten; this next month will FLY by. Coming from a pro-preschool Mommy let me tell you, you may think you have the advantage here. Academically, yes you may, but emotionally speaking, preschool is merely the warm-up....more

Remove "Sexual Misconduct" Report from Kindergartner's Permanent Record

An Arizona kindergartner, 5-year-old Eric Lopez, has been disciplined for "sexual misconduct" after pulling his pants down on a playground at his elementary school when another student told him to do so. As Eric's mother, Erica Martinez, says in about the April incident, her son is "a 5-year-old. He does not know right from wrong yet.”...more

My Five Year Old Is Not Your Strong Leader

As I walked with my children to school an hour ago, in between paying exactly equal attention and lavishing exactly equal praise to my twins so that they would remain in a human-like mood at least until we got to the big doors, I readied myself for a talk I needed to have with one of the girls' teachers.As anyone who knows us knows, my girls are scare-quote spirited. We'd been coming off a long stretch of normality, where the girls would play together nicely for hours, accept reality as it came their way, and just generally showed a maturity I knew was too good to last....more

Ready to learn - what kids really need

   With Kay's start of kindergarten drawing ever closer, I've done my share of the "what if?"s. What if she doesn't know enough? What if I haven't taught her enough? Does she know all the letter sounds and numbers she needs to know? What if...?   It's wearisome for me, and puts undo pressure on her (though I try to avoid that at all costs).  But there are some things, academics aside, that all kids need to be ready to learn on the first day of kindergarten (or any grade level). The good news - you've probably been building these up all along!...more

Kindergarten and Not Quite the Truth

There was a little girl who looked forward to the first day of kindergarten. All summer she heard about what fun school was and all the wonderful things she would learn and do. Then the big day was here. First day of school…ever. ...more