Kindergarten Readiness

Beginning Kindergarten is a huge rite of passage that looms large for most children and their parents. Children are excited to join the world of older students who attend elementary school and parents are often understandably emotional about their child’s transition to formalized schooling, and perhaps a bit nervous about their child’s readiness for what will be required of them in the classroom. As spring arrives, parents may wonder how to best prepare their young children for entering Kindergarten in the fall....more

5 Fun and Easy Ways You Can Make Sure Your Child is Ready For Kindergarten

This time of year always seems to evoke feelings of anxiety among parents of young children. “Will my kid be ready for Kindergarten next year?” “I don’t think he knows enough to go into Kindergarten!” “How will he finish preschool if he is not yet reading?” “Is my kid the only one not in Kumon?”Well, I am here to tell you to stop worrying! Your kid will be fine. Whether or not s/he was enrolled in a preschool program, there are ways you can help at home. Quick ways that do not require any type of teaching experience on your part....more

Race to Kindergarten Readiness (Part 1 of a series)

Many many years ago, before I was a parent, I was a teacher in the California Public Schools in a well-to-do area. I opened an email from a local parent that shaped my perspective on life–as a teacher and as a parent....more

"Mommy, What's a Hexagon?" or To Prep or Not to Prep

 Mommy, What’s a Hexagon? or To Prep or Not to Prep There are a lot of questions about whether or not one should prep their child for the all important play date/entrance exam to private school Kindergarten....more
I like this. I run a home daycare, using a full preschool curriculum with a strong focus on ...more

The 6 Months Before Kindy

Here we are with 6 months to go before my little boy, my first born, will be starting kindergarten.  He will be leaving my protective busoms and going out on his own in the big wide world for the first time in his dear little life. So, I should be sad, I should be worried that this is when it starts, he will no longer need me anymore, he won't rely on me for anything again, he will be able to think for himself, dress himself, etc etc.  So why am I counting down the days with a smile on my face and willing the time to pass more quickly? ...more

How to Judge Kindergarten Readiness

How do you judge kindergarten readiness?Judging kindergarten readiness is an important parenting issue that is more complex than chronological age or simply being able to recite letters, numbers, shapes and colors. Kindergarten readiness is a combination of a number of factors. Rarely will a child be completely ready or unready by the time they’re the age the school district will allow them to enroll. In fact, most kids will fall somewhere in between....more
We had some people suggest holding our son back (July birthday) because that's what they did ...more