Best Tablet for Work and Play: Kindle Fire

For years, I stubbornly refused to consider an alternative to my big clunky computer.  "I don't need more gadgets or electronic toys," I said primly.  Then I noticed more and more friends happily toting around gadgets and electronic toys like Kindles, watching videos and reading magazines on them at the gym, and well, Miss Prim was proved wrong. ...more
Oh wow, this is probably one of the best posts I've read about the tablet phenomenon! Like you, ...more

Win a Kindle Fire and Get Holiday Photos Cards/ Party Favors at an Amazing Price!

How many times have you been told "Buy this and get this... " and then there is a huge survey (that gets you nothing and steals all your info) or you do it and it's a 2 percent chance you get the prize. In the case of (which is celebrating 20 years of being in business and is woman owned), it is totally different! Not only was I able to get an amazing deal on my Holiday Photo Cards, but I bought through Facebook to enter to win a Kindle Fire! (there is also a sale: ‎$45 for $75 of Invitations + 25% off Holiday Photo Cards)...more

The New Kindle Fire: Do We Love It?

There's a new gadget out there, just in time for holiday shopping.  But is the Kindle Fire right for you?   ...more
My 2 1/2 year old does great with it. My 1 1/2 year old has even gotten his hands on it and ...more

Amazon Launches E-Book Kindle Lending Library

The e-book wars continue to flare as announced the launch of their Kindle Owner's Lending Library. Available only to Kindle and Kindle Fire owners (sorry app users, you're out of luck), Amazon Prime members can now borrow one book a month from Amazon's initial offerings of 5000 loanable books. ...more
@karabuntin The lack of being able to read loaned books, be it from an Kindle Lending Library ...more

Kindle Fire: First Step to Amazon World Domination?

Last week, Amazon announced the Kindle Fire. The event was peppered with little surprise announcements that revealed quite a lot about Amazon's future direction.Hmm...It runs on Android OS. (Yay, Team Droid) But not Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich; it runs on a customized version of Android 2.3. Effectively, a pseudo-custom OS. The main browser is Silk. A proprietary Amazon browser. ...more
Apple has done this all along under the miss guided view they are the indie/ hip/ for the ...more

Amazon Blazes Into Tablet Race With Kindle Fire

This week Amazon announced a new low-price Kindle for $79, a $99 Kindle Touch and entered the table marketplace with their $199 7-inch Kindle Fire. Supported by their new browser, Amazon Silk, the Kindle Fire will allow users to read, watch movies, download apps and listen to music. It's currently available for pre-order and will start shipping November 15, just in time for holiday gift-giving. ...more
I have a Kindle, bought it when it was $250 (first generation). It was very quickly replaced by ...more