Free Kindle Books- 7+ Web Sites

Want to stock up on some free books for your Kindle? Here are 7+ sites that offer FREE books:These offer 1 million classic titles (now in the public domain) are available at sites such as:...more

Damn You,

My mom got a new Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas. You might be thinking...Good for her! That's AWESOME! I, however, was filled with dread when I heard the news on Christmas morning. The only thought in my head was...Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ...more
Oh my gosh, this was HILARIOUS! I have similar conversations with my mom (and my husband, who ...more

Google or Amazon

When I have a question I want a quick answer to - or want someone else to solve (like a plumber) - I go to Google.I trust the Google oracle with definitions, turkey cooking times, images, history, facts.When I have a deep question, I often find myself on Amazon. I want the step-by-step solution and the reason behind it? I want a book. With Kindle lighting up the sky in its meteoric explosion, chances are I want an e-book....more

Experiments in Kindle Marketing

After 16 years of creating websites and online marketing tools for small local businesses, I have an opportunity to create an international marketing strategy for my friend and customer BJ. BJ has an incredible set of skills: she is a professional story-teller, corporate story-teller, writer, coach and speaker....more

A Tool To Turn Your Kindle Into A Cookbook

Thanks to a technologically-savvy food lover who needed an easier way to store and transport her favorite recipes, avid cooks and Kindle users can sign up for an account on KindleCooking, a free site that allows users to store recipes and move them to their Kindles (or, now, their iPad) in a single click....more
What a clever idea !  I worry about the copyright thing too,by the way Kindle does have a "Send ...more

It's time to settle into my Woman-Cave

So many books, so little time... I've learned how incredibly easy it is to download books to Chelsea's Kindle from Amazon.  Uh-oh. (Yeah, I know. Everybody else on the planet already heard this late-breaking news.)  So in the past few days I've downloaded 3 books and read 1 and 1/2 of them.  Superstorm Sandy has provided some great weather for these sorts of activities here in middle Kentucky--even more so in eastern Kentucky where the snow is piled a foot high.  ...more

Kindle Paperwhite: A Smart Bitches' Review

Last night my Kindle Paperwhite (which I've been calling the Kindle Paperweight without meaning to, and the name has stuck) arrived. I had this scheduled on my calendar as soon as I received the shipping notification. I wanted time completely alone to set up the Kindle - and to my surprise my sons were about as excited about the new Kindle as I was. They wanted me to open the box in front of them, which was bonehead easy, thanks to Amazon's truly (and I mean this) excellent packaging initiative.  ...more
@JennaHatfield  @Leica  It also has a RSS feeder that can be syncronized with your google chrome ...more

Audiobooks Aren't As Cheesy As You Might Think: A Resmarted Collection

audiobooks aren't as cheesy as you might think: a resmarted collection...more

I Did It!!

Back at the beginning of the year, I told you about a goal I had made that I was keeping to myself for the time being.  Now that it has been accomplished, I am so excited to share it with you.I assembled some of my blog posts on social media in to an e-book.  I uploaded it to Amazon and held a free event this weekend.  During the free event, I made the bestseller list for Interpersonal Relationship books!!!!...more
 @Karen Ballum Thanks, Karen!!  I'm still over the moon!more