The Nook, The Kindle and Readers Have Rights Too

Last week was a big e-book discussion week. Barnes and Noble released it's new dedicated e-book reader, the Nook. There was a dust up about Kindle usage. And then there was the shocking revelation that *gasp* readers have rights too. ...more

Hmmm. I  can think of books that own me, body and soul, and I would like the ...more

Geeky Mom: Will the Nook be a Kindle killer?

A few days ago I wrote a post all about e-books....more

By that same standard they shouldn't like libraries stocking physical copies of the books ...more

Will Your School-Agers Still Need Book Covers in Five Years?

E-books, man. They're infiltrating schools. Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Conn., got rid of the 20,000 books in its school library, trading up to flatscreens, Kindles and computers only. And now that Google has paired with On Demand Books (the company that invented a book vending machine), schools could potentially serve up printed e-books in the public domain like cotton candy. ...more

I have a first generation Kindle on loan from a friend and I love it when I travel or want to ...more

Take time to learn, grow and expand your mind.

You are pretty familiar with your comfort zone. Your industry, your hobbies, your kids, your neighborhood. And you should be. That's easy. But what have you done lately to expand your mind, your knowledge? How have you challenged yourself? ...more

My Kindle 2…I Think I’ll Name It…

I received an Amazon Kindle 2 for my birthday and with the exception of my children it is the best gift ‘73 (my husband) ever gave me. I love this thing, I want to marry it and give it babies…a dozen or more little Kindles running around and we could get rich because these things are expensive ($350 and up). I had been wanting one for sometime but felt it was too extravagant…old habits die hard, always spend money on everyone else but not yourself. I thought I would feel different ...more


I was  going to just do it and get the Kindle. Use a little tax refund money and splurge.  It seemed like a good idea considering I usually pay the $79 for Amazon Prime, so was thinking this would help me to realize financial benefits sooner.  WRONG!  The 3 books I would like to get right now?  Not offered on Kindle.  Hmph.  I would say that maybe my purchase of Kindle is officially and indefinitely on hold now.  Give me some bound pulp any day I say. ...more

Paper books are dead. Long live paper books!

Ever since Amazon introduced the first Kindle -- or was it back when Sony introduced their e-reader? -- it's become de rigueur for bibliophiles and writers alike to wring their hands and bemoan the end of books as we know them. Technology will stamp out the joy of holding a book in your hands! You'll never feel the spine crack open under your fingertips! You'll miss that new-book smell! Also, the sky the falling. Just in case you were wondering. ...more

But I'm letting the dust settle, I'm never one to have the latest gear to be cool.  Too $$$.  ...more

Kindle for the iPhone, I think I'm addicted

I never thought I'd say this but I think I'm addicted to the Kindle iPhone app. I have two people to blame for this addiction... Erin Kotecki Vest and Honeybeast - in that order. ...more

I am oh-so-addicted to the kindle for iPhone app.  Moreso to the free book preview feature ...more

Hello. My Name is Karen, and I own a Kindle

Yes, sometimes admitting that I own an e-reader can be a bit embarrassing. Like going to your first 12-step program with a bottle in your left hand. I've found that people generally fall into one of two categories when it comes to e-readers and similar hand-held reading devices: they gush and ooze over the cool tech, eyes glazing over the specs, features and functionality OR they crinkle their noses up in disgust at the mere idea of forgoing printed literature, with its distinctive tactile sensations over molded plastic and circuit boards and technology. ...more

I think they are just jealous.  I would love to have one myself.  However, I think they ...more


I've started reading more about the Kindle.  I'm trying to learn more about the economic place for it, the business model versus books, and why I feel so perturbed by the thing's very existence.  I could use other eyes and voices to help me hash out my thoughts.   - E ...more

I've always been a die hard book freak, hesitant to give up the whispering page turns and the ...more