It's All About the Positive Thinking

Sometimes the lack of a positive frame of mind can really skew one’s view of the world.  Choosing to see and remember the positive things can be difficult for some of us.  I am one of those people, and today’s writing prompt, “Tell us about one time that you benefitted from the kindness of strangers”, really got me thinking about it....more


This Caring Heart

3 Things You Never Need To Say and 3 Things You Can Say Instead

I've overheard a few comments lately and it made me realize that there are a few statements that simply never need to be uttered.1. "You'd feel better if you stopped your bad habit."...more

Because I Can

I saw the question the other day, “What do you do because you can?”A few things popped into my head as I thought about this. I embarrass my kids (in a humorous manner) because I can. And because I know that they are growing so fast and things are changing so quickly, that those opportunities will become fewer and fewer. ...more

10 Ways I Bettered The World This Week

Ask a person in recovery – a happy one, that is – the secret for long term success and the answer will likely include the word “service”. What that involves may be much different than you’d expect....more

Random Acts of Kindness

I’m on the subway this morning.  As usual, it’s crowded.  I’m standing with my fellow commuters, shoulder to shoulder, and uncomfortably close.  I start to feel someone’s eyes on me, so I look up.  A large woman with a shaved head is staring at me.  Hard.I look down.  Did I step on this woman’s foot when I got on the train and not realize it?  Is she now grilling me because she is plotting her revenge?  I briefly look up again.  Yep, still staring.  Now she’s talking to her friend about me.  ...more

99 Ways to Be Kind Without Spending a Dime

You: Some of these are weird.Me: What’s wrong with weird?You: Some of these are common courtesy.Me: Yes, some of them are. Still, to be courteous is to be kind and reminders to be courteous, like this list for example, are always helpful, especially when you post them in the common area of your office or share on social media (Ahem, hint hint. See # 32)....more

Treat Unto Others

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Hospitality  I read an article on southern hospitality which stated regardless if you are a stranger or a returning guest everyone visiting the south will be treated in a warm, friendly, generous way....more