Blue Moon

 Last week I headed out after work to a house concert in Montpelier, the town where my offi...more

30 Day Christmas Challenge: Day #1…The 3 Hours That Changed My Life

Predictions and signs…To help us kick off the holiday season, my mom, step-dad (Steve) little sister (Stacy) and I decided to volunteer at St. Vincent’s homeless shelter for women and families.  Before our shift, the four of us met for breakfast at Bob Evan’s.  Over our pancakes and eggs, we talked about how excited we were to serve.  I’ll never forget what my mom said….”I have no clue what to expect, but I know one thing…it’s going to be life changing.”   And she was right....more

Why I Decided to Become a Blogger

I’ve always loved to write; however, I never had a desire to blog…until now.  So what changed?  Why the sudden urge to start?  Simple–I became inspired.To fully explain this new found inspiration, I need to go back and set the stage a bit.  I’ll warn you this may seem like a long story, but I promise it will make sense…eventually.A simple message that got me thinking…...more

Eight Ways to Pay It Forward

(republished from Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents) If you use Facebook or Twitter, chances are that you’ve come across some pretty amazing people – especially parents who have lost a child – asking others to pay it forward in honor of their loved one....more

How Do You Teach Kids to Be Kind to Others?

Oh the joys of parenting, of being trusted with the job to raise our children to be decent human beings. It's hard sometimes, especially as those darn kids continue to get older and make friends -- because friends influence thought and action. Steph at I'm Still Learning recently witnessed her kids do something on an outing that made her wonder how on Earth to raise kids who are nice to others. ...more
I loved this post when I first read it, Steph.  Teaching kindness is so important and something ...more

Let's practice Kindness this New Year

I don't know about you, but I'm weary of the news headlines, much less of reading the details that go along with those headlines. I'm weary of hearing about death and violence and war. Those things, it seems, will always be with us unfortunately, but I'm ready to read news headlines of the "good stuff" we do for one another...for I know that we do good stuff....more
HomeRearedChef Hi Virginia - hope 2013 ended well for you and that this first half of 2014 has ...more

Dr. Romance Video: On Spreading Kindness

If video doesn't load, click here.Kindness is the lubrication for life, love and relationships. When you spread kindness, it comes back in many ways, and it’s the foundation of happiness. "Dr. Romance" shows how kindness works and why it’s important to learn to live kindly, even in today’s cynical age.Dr. Romance on spreading kindness...more

Want to Change your Life?.....

If you add the power of life's gifts, life's keys to Abundance you will see remarkable changes unfold in your life. Consider the power of kindness and making someone else happy.  Did you know that the fastest way to be happy is to make others happy.  The fastest way to be successful is to help others be successful.  In truth, whatever you want in life will come to you faster if you help others achieve and receive what they want.  This is a basic truth.  Try it and see what unfolds.  It's really a GREAT way to live. Be to others what you want to ...more

Do your kids call things "retarded"?

At Wired today, I'm tackling the R-word:It's Way Past Time to Stop Saying Things Are "Retarded"And all over the internet, in movies, and at the playground, people are still using “retarded” and “retard” in disparaging or eye-rolling ways. It’s time to stop. Way past time. I’ve heard some parents express a sense of helplessness over the subject — they don’t like that their kids say, “That is soooo retarded,” but the kids pick it up at school; what can you do?...more

What Friends Are For

Is there a problem between you and your friend, neighbor, co-worker? ...more