Simple Facts of Kindness

I guess I am a woman of a different kind.  How do I know that?...more

Do You Speak Honestly or Say What They Want to Hear?

I’m pretty much a “what you see is what you get” kind of person. I’m direct. I’m blunt. I’m honest. Over the years I like to think that I have developed some tact, but there are those who don’t see it that way....more

The Law Of Giving

When Jesus told the rich young ruler to sell everything, it was to show first where the man’s trust and heart was, but also to show that we need to have a giving spirit. Generosity is all well and good when we have plenty to share, but it’s amazing how often are the poor are more generous than the rich. The meek ones are the most ready to share....more

Lunch at Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A has been in the news a lot lately, especially on the day on the great Chicken Eat In. But I'm not going to write about all that and the political stuff that surrounds it. Today, my two year old son and thirteen month old daughter had been out running errands while my oldest was at school and rather than drive all the back home and have to rush to fix and eat lunch, I decided to go to treat my son to some Chick-Fil-A for lunch. ...more

No Bones

I saw a statement the other day that said "A tongue has no bones but is strong enough to break a heart".  I don't think there were truer words ever spoken.Repeated criticism and/or name calling can break down even the strongest individual.  If a kind word rarely passes your lips, it speaks volumes more about you than your intended target.  Is kindness really an unobtainable goal?...more

Wonderful Wednesday - Unexpected Kindness From a Friend

Wonderful Wednesday - an unexpected kindness from a friend is a wonderful thing!Each Wonderful Wednesday throughout the month of September I am going to celebrate unexpected kindnesses I have been blessed to receive. I invite you to both celebrate unexpected kindnesses and to provide unexpected kindnesses to others....more

Magnificent Monday - Add Something Magnificent to the World

Magnificent Monday - Add Something Magnificent to the World Magnificent Monday - sometimes it is magnificent to add something special to someone else's life....more

Living in a bubble

When was the last time you thought about helping out at a charity event, doing a random act of kindness or watched Secret Millionaire and decided you would contribute in some way? Did you follow through with that decision? The likely hood was you didn’t. That is not to say you didn’t have every intention but life somehow just got in the way. ...more

How Do You Be Honest, Kind, Direct And Nice, All At The Same Time?

Hi Virginia! I know I'm super late responding to you - I haven't been on BlogHer in forever and ...more

Stuart Smalley, Grey Hair, and a Promise

The morning was typical with the exception that M got up.  He usually gets up in the morning, but not during the time I am supporting the girls in their independent efforts of getting ready for school.  I was pleased to see him earlier than expected.  Me: "Good morning!  You're up!"M: passive aggressive commentMe: "What?  What do you mean?"...more
thank-you when I share what I have been through, I talk, alot. I'm glad you can feel the Spirit ...more