How Do You Be Honest, Kind, Direct And Nice, All At The Same Time?

Hi Virginia! I know I'm super late responding to you - I haven't been on BlogHer in forever and ...more

Stuart Smalley, Grey Hair, and a Promise

The morning was typical with the exception that M got up.  He usually gets up in the morning, but not during the time I am supporting the girls in their independent efforts of getting ready for school.  I was pleased to see him earlier than expected.  Me: "Good morning!  You're up!"M: passive aggressive commentMe: "What?  What do you mean?"...more
thank-you when I share what I have been through, I talk, alot. I'm glad you can feel the Spirit ...more


Well, again the NaBloPoMo link has failed to give a prompt for writing. They have missed yesterday and today and sometimes I NEED that help. So I've been forced to try and come up with some ideas on my own. Okay, I think I will write about neighbors, our neighbors. I will start as far back as I can remember.  When I was 6 years old our family moved to Siloam Springs, Arkansas, the second part of my first grade. We moved to the country, way out in the middle of nowhere....more

Dr. Romance Video: How to Deal with Partying Roommates

(View accompanying video here.) Dr. Romance: [My roommates] are loud, they're drunk, they keep me up or wake me up at night.  What can I do? Dr. Romance:  The best way to have a good roommate situation is to talk about your arrangements in advance, including writing them down so they're clear. It's important to go into detail....more

The Language of Kindness is Universal!

Yun has heard a rumor  about how arrogant French people are unless you speak French yourself.   Yun does not care for such stereotypical statements.  She likes to rely on her own experiences....which happened to be quite the opposite! ...more

My Friend Rachel

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Testing Us to Be Less Afraid 2-18-12

Notice how you feel attached to material things in this world, particularly the drive to have and own so much, including impulse buying, speculating, and gambling.Reflect on getting a grip on thinking in a more grounded manner with regard to your spending.Opposing Energies: greed, attachment, fearMuch of the spiritual influence affecting us today is testing us to be less afraid about money and abundance, and manifest a sense of spiritual prosperity for inner value....more

The Facebook Effect

A recent study by Stanford University investigated what they called "The Facebook Effect".  Basically, it is the feeling people have that others' lives are better than their own based on posts, statuses, pictures, etc.  As part of "Be Nice On The Internet" week, let's take a look at this....more

Peace Begins at Home

Dr. Romance writes: This is often called the Season of Peace, as in "Peace on Earth; Good Will to Men." Yet there is so much unrest in the world today: we are still in at least two wars, terrorism seems to be endemic worldwide, and domestic violence and hatred still dominate the news. Today's world needs more people living peace. While it's easy to talk about, living peace isn't so easy to do.  It requires learning to wage peace in our own lives.  "We teach best what we most need to learn," writes Richard Bach in Illusions....more

You Are Santa Claus. Do Your Job.