Is It OK To Be Rude?

There's been a rash of rudeness going around lately among public figures. But rudeness does not limit itself to narcisstic celebrities and arrogant politicians. In our personal lives, we all know people who act rude...some more so than others. Perhaps we ourselves have occasionally been impolite, offensive or unintentionally slighted someone. What amazes me are people who feel entitled, even obligated to be rude, crude, in-your-face, mean and nasty; not just to strangers but to of all people---their friends and family members...all in the name of love....more

Who is Xu and why is he thanking people?

Xu Niankui is a 76 year old retired teacher in Shanghai who just taught me a lesson. He carries thank you letters that he gives to people who offer their bus seats to him. The Shanghaiist reports that in 2007 a young girl gave him her seat. He spoke with her and found out where she went to school, and sent the school a note about how thoughtful she had been. The school recognized her for her act of kindness. ...more

Hatred and the care of the soul

It feels like the world has been morally burning these past few weeks. From the elation of Inauguration Day, we've all had to climb down from our hopes of some immediate transformation of the populace. We've instead found that those of us who felt joy are even more vulnerable to feeling the pain of recent acts of hatred. ...more

Interestingly, when I took Hebrew, the professor told us that the word "Shalom" - usually ...more

Live life as though it really mattered

I once had the opportunity to thank an old teacher, years later, for saying something that had changed my life. He had no memory of the occasion. Yet my life was forever altered by what he had said -- altered for the better. Many of you may have also had that experience -- being thanked for something that in your mind was trivial, but in the thanker's mind was huge. ...more

 Thank you so much!


The conversations here are highly enjoyable, great ...more

Kindness and Cookies

After a relaxing evening Friday, Saturday was very busy and hectic for our family. I had a baby shower that morning,came home to help my daughter and her teammate work on an FFA agri-science fair project, and worked on a Bible class lesson I had worked on all week but hadn't managed to get all together. My husband was building a fence in a new pasture for some goats and had the boys helping him some. He even went an hour away to a Hobby Lobby to get supplies for my daughter's project, just to help us out. I can't ever get him to go to Hobby Lobby! ...more

Take Care With Your Boundaries

One form of kindness that is not obvious is setting good boundaries in life.  Like the old quote about good fences making good neighbors, clear (but not overly rigid) definitions help in our personal, professional and community relationships.  Boundaries let people know what to expect, what not to expect and what is expected of them.  They help us adjust and calibrate our behavior.  ...more

Try Now, Love Forever

Cultivate your own flowers of kindness.  ...more

Snapshot: 15 And In Love

Summer school is an unintentional punishment that single parents are sometimes forced to inflict on their young. In July of 1964, I was bundled off to my uncle who was stationed in Spain. It was in this exotic locale that I attended classes and it was here that I fell in love........   ...more

Allow for other peoples circumstances

In everyday life you come across people everywhere - on the street, driving, in shops, at work and on the phone. When someone is driving slowly, pulls out in front of you, doesn’t indicate, crosses the centre line, honks at you or overtakes you speeding remember you have no idea what their life circumstances are. They could be racing the hospital, pondering suicide or just been diagnosed with cancer. I remember when I was fourteen years old and on the bus, someone at the back called out “Driver someone is smoking marijuana up here”. ...more

Thanks for reminding us to be kind.

Virginia DeBolt

Radiate kindness to transform your life

Radiate kindness to transform your life I am new to this ‘radiating kindness’ thing but I am fast learning how powerful it is. It is an attitude that can change your life, your level of happiness and help you attract amazing things to yourself as well. ...more