Beauty In Humble Places

On the first day of school in that one-room, country schoolhouse, most of the other kids raced to the bigger, newer, shinier desks.But little Diane, the one with a gleam in her eye and potato in her lunch bucket, who would one day become my mother, slid knowingly into the smallest, most unassuming one of them all....more

How Would Your Life Be Different If We Were Kind?

Recently we had the privilege of voting in some pretty significant elections. Since the results came in, I've noticed a lot of fallout on social media. ...more
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Everybody is Fighting a Battle: Including Robin Williams

It was utter and complete shock when learning of Robin Williams untimely death. Especially, when his representative released the statement that he had been battling "severe depression" and it was suspected suicide. The guy that put a smile on so many of our faces was depressed. The guy that caused us to break out in laughter the past 15 years was depressed. The guy who seemed to have it all, a wife, kids, fans. The guy we have all grown to love felt like there was no other option available to him but to take his own life. ...more

Lessons in Kindness from Someone Else’s Child

Each day I leave my nice, cushy neighborhood to drive across town to my daughter’s school. It is an 18-minute lesson in gratitude and guilt.The route is nearly equal parts churches, daycares, convenience stores, bars and boarded up buildings. People wait for busses in clothing not nearly warm enough for the subzero temps. It is a daily reminder that my upper-middle class life is one of privilege....more