Month of Movies: BlogHers Are Predicting "The King's Speech" Will Win. Have You Voted?

It's Oscar Night and here's where I'm at: The Social Network is hands down my favorite film of the year, but keep in mind that I've still got True Grit and The Fighter sitting on top of my TV stand. And I do agree with the majority of BlogHers that The King's Speech will probably take home the Best Picture statuette. Have you voted yet?...more

This is the first time in awhile when I felt like "wow, there were a lot of good films this ...more

Month of Movies: Will Helena Bonham Carter Be Oscar's Queen for a Day?

Helena Bonham Carter has my heart. Her role in The King's Speech certainly wasn't as gritty or fierce as those of her competitors'. She played Queen Elizabeth, after all. Her precise acting in such a tough role was truly Oscar worthy, exuding a careful royal air while also being vulnerable and adding complexity and depth to the piece through her performance. ...more

Melissa Leo for her role in The Fighter is an more

King Is a Four Letter Word: Rating The King's Speech

The King’s Speech is my total movie crush this Awards Season. I think everyone should see it, but an R rating narrowed its audience. Not sex, not violence, simply words -- four letter ones -- deemed this inappropriate for young audiences. It’s been suggested that the filmmakers release an edited version to get a PG-13 rating. Could it make the filmmakers more money? Absolutely. But should the film have been R-rated to begin with? ...more

This is an amazing film. I totally loved it. As a former public speaking instructor - good for ...more

The King's Speech

My sweet husband does not have the best track record for picking movies.  For a while I’d actually revoked his Blockbuster privileges after he brought home the miniseries Jack and the Beanstalk, a reworking of the classic fairy tale where the giant was actually the good guy.  Note to anyone selecting a movie for family night: just because Jim Henson’s name appears on the box doesn’t mean it’s a good show for kids.  And please check the length of the film; a three-hour miniseries doesn’t really work for family night. ...more