Personal Democracy Forum 2011: Women Out in Front

Being at a tech conference that was 50% women speakers felt different. When the women get up on stage and talk about concepts I don’t understand, I know things are shifting. At Personal Democracy Forum 2011 (PDF) in New York City the ratio of female to male speakers was 47% to 53%. PDF is a forum where activists, intellectuals and policymakers from all over the world gather to explore the digital age’s impact on governance and society. ...more

Woot! and Hear! Hear! I cannot understand why everyone isn't commenting. Such an essential ...more

Wall of Shame: Majority Leader Reid Calls Gillibrand "Hottest Senator"

Why no, he didn't mean "hottest" like "she takes a stand on the hottest issues" including cyber security and health care. According to Maggie Haberman at, this happened yesterday at a fundraiser for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: ...more

All I can say is Go
Boy do we need more women in politics so ...more

At This Rate, Soon We'll All Be Tracy Flick

Remember Tracy Flick from the movie Election? The over-achieving, uber-ambitious, won't-let-anything-get-in-my-way gal running for class President? If she didn't before this week, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is now very familiar with Tracy, who some are saying is Gillibrand's alter ego. ...more

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 I don't mean to ...more

Taking the girl out of Upstate: The Selection of Kirsten Gillibrand

In the midst of all the speculation surrounding the selection of Kirsten Gillibrand (D-20 NY) as the replacement for former Senator Clinton, I asked a friend from the Bronx if she knew who Kirsten Gillibrand was. "No", she replied, "You could tell me that she's the Postmaster General and I would believe you". And there lies the rub of New York politics. ...more

I was just telling someone how I grew up in CT which is SO small compared to where I am now - ...more