Little Chef

"Well, after the lovely introduction of Baby Z’s kitchen, my little kiddo believes she is the world best chef! Not only that, but she wants to actually help out in the Big kitchen (mummy’s kitchen)." Check out Little Chef in action...

Hungarian Homecooked Heaven

Sunday, 20 July 2014 Travel is a wonderful thing and I am very thankful for the opportunity; however, there is something so nice about being back at home. In fact, make that many things, including having access to my own kitchen!...more

Is Red color Matching For a Kitchen?

Kitchen should be a place where you'd want to stay for hours and hours every day. But how can you do so if it's dull or falling apart? If your problem is how your kitchen looks, then the solutions are pretty easy. If your appliances and cabinets need replacing, then maybe you might think about digging on your savings to plan a complete kitchen makeover....more

The Rub Away Bar, For Stinky Food

The Rub Away Bar, For Stinky FoodAnyone that cooks knows how cutting up onions, garlic or fish can leave your hands smelling terrible.  Which is too bad because of how great these foods taste!  Luckily, we found, the Rub Away Bar which was designed to completely eliminate these and other unpleasant smells from your hands....more