Mix & Match Your Kitchen Countertops

We all agree that kitchens are one of the most important spaces in a home.  They are the central hub for families.  How they are designed can affect the home's sell-ability.  So the kitchen design not only has to be functional (task oriented) but also aesthetically pleasing.  One great kitchen design decision that creates interest, is to mix and match your kitchen countertops....more

In the Kitchen: Backsplash Tile Design

Since kitchens generally are the center hub of the home, every detail should work together to reflect the kitchen's overall style.  One small, but very important detail, is the kitchen backsplash.  More often than not, tile or stone is the material choice for kitchen backsplashes.  Kitchen backsplash tile design can be simple and basic or complex....more

Beautiful Gray Kitchens

We all know gray is the new tan and quite possibly the new black.  For two years we have seen its increase in demand for home interiors, and quite honestly gray is still going strong and will still be popular for years to come.  For example, gray was everywhere at April's High Point Market.  With all the remodeling and new construction happening here in Texas, most clients are gravitating towards those shades of gray.  We are using gray in all rooms of the house, even in the kitchen.  Move over all white kitchens, gray kitchens are taking over!...more

In the Kitchen: Kitchen Hood Designs

Our kitchens are the main central gathering space for families and entertaining.  The kitchen's design is very important for functionality.  You might have heard of the work triangle, which is a guideline for kitchen task placement.  It incorporates the cooking, cleaning, and prep zones.  When designing a kitchen, the range or cooktop location is a or the main focal point.  Kitchen hood designs are often considered an architectural element....more

Kitchen Cabinets: Paint vs Stain

When designing your kitchen, the cabinet finish selection is one of the big decisions.  Question is, "Do you want stained or painted cabinets, or a combination of both?"  Both are a great look, it is just a matter of what you are wanting design style wise.  Do you prefer the look of wood grain and seeing its natural beauty, or do you prefer the simplistic elegance of painted cabinets?...more

Weekend Work: Kitchen Demo

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy DLS? I LOST 4 hours of sleep...FOUR HOURS people! Eric went duck hunting way too early and I couldn't fall back asleep after he left. boo. We had a crazy productive weekend....more

Build your own Spice Rack (pt 1)

I'm not that handy, friends, when it comes to building things. If it involves a drill and a wall and a picture frame, I'm AWESOME at it. If it involves a drill and wood and a saw and measuring acurately and patience, I'm not as awesome. Usually, my impatience wins, and I end up with a crappy looking poorly-made project. This spice rack was about to meet that same fate- two boards, hung hapazardly on a wall....more

Kitchen Confidence at an All Time High!-Aroma Cucina

Kitchen Confidence at an All Time High!-Aroma Cucina Our survey results are in! Check out the results, they may surprise you. Thanks for participating! J&J http://bit.ly/kKb6kt ...more

Kitchen concepts...

A couple of weeks ago I posted about one of my amazing clients with great style. She sent me some inspirational photos for her kitchen and I was beyond thrilled when I saw the images. Here is the one I picked as a starting point... ...more

Ravenous for Retro

Check out the chrome, the colors, the boxy lines…were DonnaReed alive and well, you might expect to find her planted in one of thesekitchens admonishing, mind your manners, drink your milk, marry a doctor! ...more