DIY Popcorn Bar Makes a Fun Pre-Dinner Party Snack

Want to try something fun, fast, and DIY for your next party's pre-dinner bite? Try popcorn. ...more

Chicken Posole Cooking Party: Comfort Food for a Crowd

Chicken Posole is a colorful, comforting, versatile meal. When your guests help with the prep, it's a party, too. ...more
This looks amazing!  I've never seen a soup so bright green before.  I can't wait to try it out.more

Kicking Off Football Season With a Chili Party

Yesterday marked one of my favorite and also least favorite days of the year - the start of football season. Now don't get me wrong- I really and truly love football and I won't miss a single Packers game if I can help it, but the joy of rooting on my favorite team means saying goodbye to my husband until early February. (Which is incidentally around the time our baby is due- just watch me go into labor on Super Bowl Sunday!) ...more
we did this for our kick off party. Next time, we'll have to add the ...more

Taking My Kitchen From Workspace to Party Ready

Moving to Wisconsin required two things -- great schools for my kids, and a house with a kitchen perfect for work, making delicious food, and space for sharing it with friends.. ...more
Love these tips and now I am salivating for those mac and cheese cups...!more

Hosting a Summer Party

Even if you love the night life, sometimes the best time for a late-summer party is one of its long, lazy, hazy days....more

Four Kitchen Keys to Welcoming Guests

Food is the means of hospitality and not the end for me.  When people come into my home. I want them to feel cared for and valuable.  A great meal is only a piece of that pie; setting a welcoming environment is just as important. ...more
Excellent advice.  The key is giving some thought to the comfort of your guests and how you ...more

Appetizers for Easy, Delicious Kitchen Celebrations

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How to Have Fun at Your Own Party: Simplify!

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4 Keys to Simple, Beautiful Kitchen Entertaining

I used to have a lot of anxiety about entertaining.  Having people over meant at least a day, if not two, of intense work and preparation. I don't know if I read too much Martha, but a dinner party was a BIG DEAL. ...more

Fun and Functional Open Kitchen Entertaining

Entertaining on a smaller scale can be beautiful and fun, when your open kitchen is the centerpiece. ...more