Things I'm Loving in the Kitchen

Another edition of the Things I'm Loving! (You can check out my Make-Up Edition here and my Office Supply Edition here!) This time, I'm focusing on the kitchen - one of my favorite places to be!! Here are the tools I'm loving in my kitchen: ...more

Kitchen Gadgets No Home Cook Should Live Without

The kitchen is indeed the heart of the home, a place where family gathers, memorable meals are shared and culinary masterpieces are created. There are many gadgets created for home cooks to use and many of us have been suckered in to buying items that only serve one purpose, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. A butter spreader for corn on the cob, a specialty quesadilla maker or a strawberry slicer- these one-hit wonders only serve to clutter up your kitchen and waste your money....more

To The Manor Retired

    Ah, the humble canning funnel.  One of my best friends in the kitchen.   I should say that I have only canned food once or twice in my life and that is when I acquired this wonderful kitchen tool.  Over the years, I have used this little friend for everything, it seems, but canning. Making up a batch of trail mix and need to transfer it ...more

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On Point: Where The Pros Go

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Talking Shop: Beating Stuff

Question: “How do I know what type of whisk to use? Help!” -Catherine K, Los AngelesAnswer:  The short answer to this question is “get comfortable” because this answer is rather complex. Whisks can be found tiny and gigantic and made in just about every shape....more

Loaf-Lock Madness

Every now and then, I discover something phenomenal.Perhaps it is a gift from the gods on Mt. Olympus that has been cast down to the mere mortals below. This would be a life saving device that causes my forward motion to turn a corner looking up toward new vistas and a world heretofore unknown. And so, one of these little treasures, once found, can no longer "be done without." No truer words have ever been spoken since the Amish saying that, "The luxury of today is the necessity of tomorrow."Enter the Loaf-Lock....more
@cookingwithkary Woo-Woo! Cause of ladies like YOU! Thanks for stopping by, Kary. Going to check ...more

Kitchen Equipment i suggest you know

If you happen to be you're itching to know about studying about cooking , you will discover this brief kitchen gadgets write-up information...more

Great Kitchen Gadgets for the Holidays

Some of us cook, some of us don’t, some people help, and others pretend to help. Whether you are the cook or the pretend helper in the kitchen, there are some fun new kitchen gadgets any host will love.   ...more

Perfect Rice

I love my rice cooker. I know you’re not supposed to love inanimate objects, but anything that saves me time, money, and aggravation in the kitchen should be worthy of at least a little affection. I confess that when rice cookers first appeared on the market, I thought they were one of the biggest ...more