Keep Sliced Apples from Turning Brown: Lunchbox Hack

      This is one of those "Why didn't I think of this before?!" super useful life hacks. Keep apples from turning brown in lunchboxes with this super simple trick that saves the wastefulness of plastic baggies and the dishes generated using containers....more
@herdaily I know what you mean!  It's so obvious once you know, but not something I ever would ...more

Ask A Scientist: Rock Hard Sugar

Question: Why does brown sugar harden when stored improperly while white sugar doesn’t?...more

Ask A Scientist: Banana Gas

Question: Why do some fruits and vegetables ripen after picking and others don’t?...more

On Cooking One Day a Week and a Linguine Victory

When I first read The Frugal Gourmet cookbook I was fascinated by his idea of cooking seriously one day a week. His philosophy (one of many) was that being frugal applied to your money and your time. Even in the '80s he understood that most people work outside the home and can't afford all afternoon to get dinner on the table (and most of us don't have the patience to spend all night on it either)....more

On Herb and Cheese Biscuits

There is a bundle of parsley rotting in my crisper drawer. Yes, I know, I ought to be putting parsley on everything. Yes, I know, you can just whiz it up in a pesto and bake it into meatloaf. But I just wasn't inspired by it (read: forgot it was there) and now, I have to find some way to use it up. Particularly considering produce prices. I almost had a coronary at the store the other night when I saw a head of non-organic romaine lettuce for $2.99. Three dollars for romaine lettuce in lettuce season?...more

I'm all for avocados in applications other than guacamole (which freezes nicely, by the way). I ...more