How to Finally Get Your Spice Collection Organized

 I realize that normal people probably don’t lose sleep over how to store their spices. They probably don’t consider spice storage as a top priority, worthy of hours of careful analysis. It’s a good thing I’ve never claimed to be normal....more
Great information! I am one of those people who loses sleep over I will most def be trying this.more

Spend Less Save More: Countdown to Christmas – 50 Days Organize the Kitchen

Countdown to Christmas – 50 Days Organize the KitchenBefore al l the holiday cooking and baking commences we must first assess our cooking and baking areas. It’s time to purge everyone. This time of year we often find our homes well overwhelmed with the years clutter if we’ve not had time to get to it that is. So first make clear zones making sure to have some areas clear for prep work and all the groceries you’ll be bringing in....more

Spend Less Save More: Kitchen Organization 2013

Organizing your kitchen can a big job and time consuming, I’m being honest  so if you intend on being a couponer that stocks up organization is the key. Visit our download page for tools to help organize your stock up pile we have downloads that will help with inventory and tips on how to keep your stock pile from going bad. ...more

A Tip For Tuesday

Anne KimballLife on the Funny Farm...more

Kitchen Organization to LOWER that Grocery Bill

It is Wednesday again, which means it is grocery shopping day.  Last Wednesday, many of you gave excellent suggestions on how to help LOWER that Grocery Bill… which I greatly appreciate - I love receiving your comments and suggestions - Thank you! Today, I have been thinking about how I can better organize my kitchen to once again LOWER that grocery bill.  ...more