Organized Pantry, Part 2

Ok, so last post I showed you our our "dry goods" cabinet and our spice drawer... now I'll move on to the final part of our kitchen pantry storage: our corner cabinet....more

What Are 10 Must-Have Tools for a First Kitchen?

Marnie asks: What’s the basic stuff I need for my kitchen? I’m moving into my first apartment and don’t have a lot of money. Congratulationss on the apartment and on your desire to cook. You’ll save money… money that can be used, perhaps, for that Mauviel copper sauté pan you covet. Image: Dinner Series via Flickr ...more
I think it depends on how much and what you cook.more

A Portable Pantry for Fruits & Veggies

The other night the kid and I were camped out in front of the tv with a frozen pizza baking in the oven. I was in full-on 'bad babysitter' mode since the hubs was out of town. I caught a whiff of onion-y goodness and headed into the kitchen. And as I rounded the couch I saw this guy... ...more
I love the orange. Love, love, love, love, love it.more

Spend Less Save More: Pantry Space Saving Tips

Organizing the kitchen is still an ongoing project for me it seems just when I have things the way I want them then I run out of space. This year organization has become one of my goals beginning with the room I use the most the kitchen. ...more

DIY Kitchen Island with Breakfast Bar

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and are relaxing off the calories today. I'm uber excited to share with you the meeeeellions of photos of a desk I recon'd for my bachelor pal. ...more
Oh my god, what?! Amazing! That looks so amazing. Congratulations, that is going to be so ...more

No Tomatoes in the Fridge: Produce Storage Guide

      We've all been through one of those sad moments; finding that once beautiful bunch of greens, those plump perfect blueberries, now more of a brown stew in the back of the crisper.  Fridge clean out days can sometimes feel like tossing money down the drain (or to the chickens in my case).      A 2002 University of Arizona study found that the average US family throws away 470 pounds of food a year - roughly 14% of all food brough into the home!  What a tremendous waste!    &...more
interesting. so much I didn't know. thanks for posting this information.more