Kitchen organizing – a hanging basket that has changed my life!

So, where did they end up? On that little ledge behind the faucet and, as you might imagine, they drove me crazy because I was constantly knocking them off into the sink. I’ve been living with this since we moved in but something happened the other day that finally drove me over the edge. I had a big roaster pan soaking in the sink so it was full of nasty, smelly, cold, dirty, day-old water that looked like it had an oil slick across the top of it. I knocked the foaming hand soap container down and SPOOSH: some of it went in my mouth AND down my shirt....more

DIY Kitchen Utensil Holder

With all of the commotion about going to St. Kitts I’ve really had to cut way back on crafts and DIY projects.And it’s driving me crazy!There are so many things I want to buy and create but moving out of the country in four months kind of takes precedence. We will be selling a lot of our stuff and probably won’t be coming back to Montgomery after our two years in St. Kitts are over. So it doesn’t make sense to be doing any projects… you know?...more
I love this my utensil container is not very pretty! I think I found a way to brighten it up:)more