7 Common Mistakes When Making Soup & How to Avoid Them

Last week ushered in the first day of fall. Don’t you just love this time of year? The crisp air outside brings us harvest, football, hayrides, bonfires, sweaters, and soup pots. Soup season has officially started, and there is nothing more comforting than a big ol' pot of soup simmering on the stove, or coming home to a full crock-pot ready and waiting to be devoured. ...more
Just Beet It Aarika, so glad you enjoyed my post. Pumpkin beet soup sounds yummy! :)more

The Mountain Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ Spice Up Your Pasta

Sometimes we all need a break from the usual rotation. If you love spice it is easy to change-up your normal pasta. Here’s how:When making your normal sauce or bolognaise, add 1/4-1/2 cup chopped bite-size Dried HotSopressata to the ground beef, ground turkey or whatever meat you would normally use....more

The Mountain Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ Make A Recipe Binder

Besides this food blog, my recipe binders are probably the most useful and organizational tools I have ever made for my kitchen. As I started cooking more, I needed a way to contain the clutter that came from collecting so many recipes from magazine and newspaper clippings or copies from books. Some of the recipes I have are even handwritten....more

The Mountain Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ 5 Uses For Kitchen Scissors

I have a favorite knife for each task I do in the kitchen, but I don't think I even realize the varied benefits of using kitchen scissors to do some of the cutting work in the kitchen. Kitchen scissors can actually make some of the usual work of cutting some foods safer, faster and even neater than using a knife. Here are 5 ideas of uses for kitchen scissors that you may never have thought about before:...more

How to Shred Chicken Easily!

I used to steer clear of recipes that called for shredded chicken – especially a lot of shredded chicken. Using two forks to pull apart 6 chicken breasts can be incredibly time-consuming....more

Spice Tips and Health Benefits

It’s important to periodically check your seasonings to make sure that they aren’t getting too old. Here is a guide, according to McCormick spices. • Extracts: 4 years (except for pure vanilla, which lasts indefinitely)• Ground spices: 2-3 years• Herbs: 1-3 years• Seasoning blends: 1-2 years• Whole spices (such as cinnamon sticks and peppercorns): 3-4 years...more

Place Invaders: NYC Creepy Crawler Protection

I hate bugs. All bugs…yes, even butterflies and lady bugs....more

Fried Peanut Butter!

Helping Kids Pack Their Own Lunches

This article on having kids pack their own lunches is filed under the “Tween and Teen” category, but in my house having kids pack their own school lunches started day one....more

Wise Cooking Tip: Coping with Kitchen Burns

When you've got 4 burners going, a roast and a gratin in the oven, and guests in your living room, what do you do when you've just reached for one of your pans and ended up burning yourself? It's not a riddle, it's a real home kitchen dilemma. ...more