Useful Tools and Gadgets that Make Cooking More Desirable

Whether you are a professional chef or an amateur at cooking, preparing a full meal can be a challenge. It needs a lot of skill and patience to end up making a tasty dish. Some cooks are happy and more than capable of preparing dishes with just a fry pan and a sharp knife. However, you can prepare your dishes easily and more efficiently by making use of the latest, innovative and fancy kitchen tools and cooking gadgets. They make your life that much more easy....more

Things I'm Loving in the Kitchen

Another edition of the Things I'm Loving! (You can check out my Make-Up Edition here and my Office Supply Edition here!) This time, I'm focusing on the kitchen - one of my favorite places to be!! Here are the tools I'm loving in my kitchen: ...more

5 Kitchen Appliances That Turn Healthy Cooking Into Easy Cooking

Nobody wants life to be hard.  With all the things life gives us - a career, kids, a house with bills to pay, the last thing we want is to have to worry about cooking a healthy meal every once in a while.But time ultimately gets in the way and tries to thwart any of our good efforts....more

Lazy Susan for Oils & Vinegars

Over the past few months, I've received so many great questions about cooking and food.  One of the most frequent..."what's your favorite thing in your kitchen?"  Well, that's really hard to answer because I have several.  So, I decided to share a few, starting with one of my TOP 3!  I use a Lazy Susan to help me out with all of my oils and vinegars.  It sits right beside a work space in my kitchen and keeps everything in easy reach.  I wish I could take full credit for this great idea but unfortunately I can't....more

Same Old Kitchen

I have cherished memories of my parent’s kitchen.  Not that it was a modern, state of the art kitchen.  On the contrary, it was an old, badly- taken- care- of- kitchen.  The kind where the drawers are hard to open and when they are closed, they all looked crooked....more

Talking Shop: Spatuli 101

Sometimes in the kitchen, we fail. A cake may not rise or something may stick to the bottom of a pot with the ferocity of a barnacle on an Italian cruise ship. Sometimes the hallways are filled with the melodic sonata of the fire alarm. In my kitchen, I’ve run across these predicaments many times in many forms. Most recently though, I have been failing mostly by melting, shredding or otherwise destroying a spate of spatulas unintentionally....more
I know I have over 10. Most are wooden ;)more

GIVEWAY - Just in time for Grilling Season

Just in time for grilling season I have a great giveaway that I know you're going to love.  To find out more about it and how you can get one for FREE check here:

Great Tools for Cooking With Kids

Cooking with kids is a fantastic time to spend time together, and if you are lucky, you will accomplish something productive at the same time!  Because cooking with kids has been my business for the past 5 years, I have some favorite cooking tools that I like to use with children.  But I realized that my experiences are only the tip of the iceberg and wanted to see what tools other people enjoy using ...more

Great Kitchen Gadgets for the Holidays

Some of us cook, some of us don’t, some people help, and others pretend to help. Whether you are the cook or the pretend helper in the kitchen, there are some fun new kitchen gadgets any host will love.   ...more