Talking Shop: Spatuli 101

Sometimes in the kitchen, we fail. A cake may not rise or something may stick to the bottom of a pot with the ferocity of a barnacle on an Italian cruise ship. Sometimes the hallways are filled with the melodic sonata of the fire alarm. In my kitchen, I’ve run across these predicaments many times in many forms. Most recently though, I have been failing mostly by melting, shredding or otherwise destroying a spate of spatulas unintentionally....more
I know I have over 10. Most are wooden ;)more

Top 8 Most-Used Kitchen Items. Or, the Last Items in the Moving Box.

There have been a few travelin' posts up in my social medias lately. These correspond with work trips to Washington, DC, Boston, and a move between apartments taking place this week. During a moment of frazzled procrastination, I hovered over the last open box of kitchen items, to be shut the morning of moving day, and observed. ...more
one touch battery operated can opener, funnel, skinny metal cake tester, paprika, mesh ...more