Cat Entertainment 101: From Kitten Toys To Scratching Post

My kitten is currently chewing on my laptop. And putting her on the ground with a scolding apparently equates in her tiny cat mind to a great game, because she promptly levitates off the ground and does it all over again.I have a house full of cat toys, three scratching posts, and various homemade toys as well intended to entertain this kitten (Name: Matilda Precious Baby). But the vast majority serve only as decoration. However, there are several cat toys that, once I get Matilda Precious Baby (MPB) started, she will play with. Those include the following:...more

We Got a New Kitten!

*Well I missed three four days of posting.  Bummer.  I got back to work and just fell off the grid.  I was exhausted the past week, and writing a post everyday was starting to feel too forced.  Plus I had a couple new recipes I wanted to share, but I was too tired from work to be doing much cooking.  Anyway, I wish I had been able to keep up with November’s National Blog Posting Month (in case you don’t know, it’s a month where lots of crazy dedicated bloggers vow to post to their blog every day in November).  Oh well, there’s always NaBloPoMo next y...more

Nothing Like Kittens After A Long Day

Growing up as a dancer, something that obviously requires physical energy and athleticism, I often didn't think about how exhausting it can be to "just" use my brain. Sitting and working doesn't seem like it's that tiring because I'm not doing anything physical, yet it still takes quite a lot of energy to use your brain power.Surprisingly, sitting around (falling asleep) while listening to other people talk can be even more exhausting. That's what I did today.I had jury duty....more

Tell Us About Your Kitty for World Cat Day!

Cat lovers unite! (Dog lovers, go find something else to do.) Today is World Cat Day. Yes, a very real holiday, just like Christmas and Arbor Day.  We've rounded up some of our favourite cat blogs and social media accounts to help you celebrate. Join the party by telling us about YOUR kitty. ...more
marjo A little late on this due to an injury...but we were owned by 5 cats who all lived long ...more

Fluffy Has To Stay Outside

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

“So, I heard back from the lady with the kittens,” I said to my husband, Marc, early in the morning three weeks ago.  “She said that I can come by this morning to look at them.  So I am going to.” Marc didn’t say anything. “Do you want to come with me?” I asked. “I don’t want to go anywhere today,” he replied.  “I still feel a little sick.  I’d rather stay home.” I didn’t say anything.  I just waited. ...more
@Darcie It is....but she doesn't seem to mind... she is so much fun!more

Pretty Sure I Sliced My Finger On Some Bacon And Contracted Cat Scratch Fever

A couple of weeks ago, I had a fairly traumatic experience with a pound of bacon. Usually I have delightful (and tasty) experiences with bacon, so the searing pain from this occurrence caught me completely off guard.I had just arrived home from Target with a decorative lantern, a bottle of Tide With Bleach Alternative, and a pound of bacon. Life was good. I had a new geegaw for the window ledge in the basement, some Tide because it's soccer season AKA grass stain season, and thick sliced bacon. What could possibly go wrong?...more

Back - this ones easier

Someone walked up to my daughter yesterday, asked her if her and her mom (me) were the ones who 'took' care of the cats on the street. My daughter, who dislikes people talking to her period answered "yes" So the girl said she had a cat that just had kittens and wanted to know if we'd take them cause they didn't want them and would put them on the street otherwise.   @@ of course they would, let them be someone elses problem right??   I sooo wish I was the one this girl talked to!...more

Pets Suffer in Hard Times Too

"Grand" Kitties

I have to share B's news with her pretty kitty, Vera.  Go to B's blog Bifftastica to read about how little Vera did a stint for a national commercial!  Her sisters, Pimmy and Sammie stayed home to wait as Vera made her way to her photo shoot!  What a good kittie.   ...more