Klout - 5 Changes You Need To Know

Have you noticed the changes over at Klout? They are major and can have just as major impact on your Klout. I want to highlight 5 changes you need to know that Klout has made recently and how you can use them to help increase your well… Klout!What is Klout?...more

Number Games: The Problem With Twitter, Klout, and Social Media Rank

Social media was abuzz this week over news about people buying Twitter followers. I thought this was common knowledge, but from the reactions I saw, I realized many were unaware. I'm happy to see that it’s being acknowledged and discussed. Sure, followers can be bought, but at what cost? ...more
The way to grow a legitimate following on twitter is not to look for those who  worship you but ...more

Klout - Bitchin or Something To Bitch About?

Klout on the Brain, Is it all just a game? In the past 3 days I've read 3 posts about Klout, an article about Klout's new enhancements/improvements and I've spent a bit of time on my Klout Dashboard....more

Klout is losing Clout With Many Influencers

There's a backlash against Klout. Scalzi recently wrote about DeKloutifying, in which he explained why he quit Klout. He immediately received a multitude of comments praising his decision and detailing complaints about Klout. Image Credit: Benzado ...more
Klout finding Grace Hwang Lynch to be an expert on White People is HILARIOUS. Klout CEO did an ...more

An Open Letter to Klout

Dear Klout and the data gurus behind the "much improved" algorithm,I remember back when you first hit the social media scene. We bloggers and heavy social media users flocked to your site, signing up for an account and linking our Facebook profiles. We wondered what our score be. How will we stack up against one another? What did we need to do to improve our Klout?Click to read about my personal case in point with regard to Klout's inaccuracy....more

How will brands react with today's new Klout scoring model when most scores...dropped?

@markdavidson Actually not really I deactived every acct from Klout except Twitter Saw score ...more

My Family is Killing My Klout Score

I've mentioned a time or two that I'm a wee bit controlling.And that I thrive on all things quantifiable.Given those two facts, you won't be surprised to hear that I have had a love affair with Klout.I have a morning routine that goes a little something like this:Get up and greet my husband, who typically has two hours on his day already....more
I love this post. And it's part of what inspired me to CANCEL MY ACCOUNT. Because I was spending ...more

How Much Klout Do You Have?

If your business heavily relies on social media, then it’s important to make sure that the time you’re spending promoting your business is paying off. As social media continues to play an integral role for any online marketing campaign, it’s becoming increasingly important to track the performance of your online marketing efforts. Using the application called “Klout,” you can measure all your social networking activities by how much engagement they generate. It will help you to measure how successful your brand is and, the higher your score, the more “klout” you will have....more

HOW TO: Add a Klout score badge to your blog

Are you a blogger?...more
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