When your body starts falling apart: It’s an almost 50 thing.

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude.Fact: I have a memory the size of a peanut.Despite this, I remember exactly when the pain started. It was a Wednesday. And not just any Wednesday but TWO Wednesdays ago. Under normal circumstances this time span would be considered beyond my ability to retain events. That in itself is remarkable, under normal circumstances....more

It's Quiet

It’s 1:17am and I am the only one awake in our home.Amazing what trying to rebound from slipping and falling will do to you....more

Hold That Tiger!

Mia M. Jackson •  Sideline Pass • Up close and sporty! In 1995, Tiger Woods played his first U.S. Open and withdrew due to injury. Since his start, he's won the tournament and won it decisively. He won his first U.S. Open in 2000 with a score of 12-under-par, the lowest score relative to par ever posted in the major tournament. To date, his only the 5th player in history to lead the U.S. Open tournament from start to finish....more

Dominant Man

Propensity for Submission                                           ...more

‘honey, you are just too young to have patellar tedonitis!’ -my pharmacist

it’s nice to be validated.  for instance, when you’re sick and you think you have something that just might be more than a sore throat despite your loving other half mocking you for it (HA, this from He of the ManCold). then you go to the ER and are told, no no, you have had strep throat for over a week, and that would be why you now have a rash all over that later will turn to excema because your body hates you and never wants to you to show any skin EVER. ...more