Recycled Plastic Bottle Cable Knit Bracelet

So here’s the scoop. My mom drinks damn near everything from a single serving bottle and they don’t recycle. It drives me nuts! So I’ve been hoarding them in bags and stashing them in my closet. While there are a lot of really great plastic bottle DIYs, a lot of them aren’t practical for my space or really my style. ...more

My Heart - a Free Knitting Pattern

My HeartBy: Harpa JónsdóttirThis little heart can be used as a window decoration,hanging from a chandelier, just about anywhere.It’s the perfect little gift, inexpensive and relatively quick to make....more

Stay Warm :: A Kid's Fingerless Mitten Knitting Pattern

The 'Stay Warm' mittens are perfect hand warmers for kids on cool autumn mornings! Knit these fingerless mitts in an evening, using scraps or a bit of  favorite yarn....more
Go for it!! They are very simple once you get the hang o fthe dpns.. which I never really enjoy LOLmore